Leverage Social Media to Generate More Orders at Your Restaurant

How to Leverage Social Media to Generate More Orders at Your Restaurant

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Social media advertising is something that has become absolutely necessary in this new age of technology. Making sure you are noticed on social media networks is one of those things that is the difference between a successful and unsuccessful restaurant. 

You can use social media advertising in so many ways to generate orders and buzz around your business and, even if you are just starting out, people use sites like Facebook and Twitter as an avenue to discover new places all the time.

In this article, we will go through six ways that you can leverage social media to get that buzz around your restaurant and get people to come out and make your name known all throughout the community.

#1 Find the One That Works Best For You

Sure you can always head over to Facebook and make your profile but it is easy for your restaurant to get buried in the sea of other places that are trying to make a name for themselves in the same way.

Other social media networks like Instagram or Pinterest have huge user bases and can easily be tapped into to promote your business without it getting buried under a million other posts from your competition.

Plus, those sites are picture oriented, which can absolutely be a good idea for restaurants to put up menu items and get people hungry and ready to go out to get that sandwich they liked the picture of earlier.

Facebook and Twitter are great because of how enormous their platform is but it is important to find your niche and, once you get some traction, it will be easier to stand out on the larger platforms.

#2 Order Through Social Media

This has become that much more important now that dining-in has become less and less profitable amidst the global pandemic.

Allowing your customers to order pick-up or delivery from social media is a huge way to get people to easily generate more orders for your restaurant. Apps like Facebook will let you do this and it is something you should certainly take advantage of.

Putting a system in place that allows you to see these orders and get them ready quickly can be a difficult transition but it has been done by other restaurants and it has become just about necessary as people are becoming more prone to order online rather than go out to eat.

#3 Reserve Tables Through Social Media

For those that do wish to come in, being able to reserve a table through Twitter or another social media network that allows this, is a perfect way to get people to come in and dine at your restaurant.

Sometimes, the line is busy up front and if people call once and get put on hold, they will likely call up another place and reserve a table there. Reserving a table through social media only requires you to have spaces available where they can click their time and table.

Of course, you will have to coordinate this with your staff and restaurant management to make sure that you do not overbook the place. However, if everyone gets used to this process, it will bring in much more people than if you only had a phone line to reserve a table.

#4 Post Fun Content

If you want to get noticed on social media you will have to post plenty of updates. It is a good idea to find a happy medium between hardly posting at all and flooding your customers timelines.

In terms of the actual content, you should post things that aren’t just new deals and menu items all the time, this can get old fast and people will just scroll right past them more times than not.

Things like customer testimonials, actions shots of your staff, or even dietary tips that are loosely related to your business can get people acquainted with your page and thus acquainted with your restaurant. 

#5 Interact With Your Customers Through Social Media

This is one of the best ways to get customer testimonials from those that came in to eat at your restaurant.

As you likely know guest feedback is one of the best restaurant marketing tools you can implement to generate trust for your brand. Social media is, almost certainly, the new best way to get this feedback.

Encourage your customers to comment on your Facebook page or @ you on Twitter so they can share their stories about their experience at your restaurant.

Of course, you’ll want to bring attention to the ones that give you a good review and it is a great idea to comment back to show them your thanks. Social media is special in that it is so much easier to keep communications open with your customers than ever before.

#6 Post Videos

Videos are the best form of social media advertising. People can very easily just scroll past pictures or text posts but videos are eye-catching and will certainly get people to stop and listen to what it has to say.

The more interesting your video is the more likely people will stick around to watch it, so try not to make it like a TV advertisement or something that is obviously a promotion for your business. Most people will click away from those quickly.


Hopefully you have now realized the importance of growing your restaurant’s presence on social media. Be sure that you find the right place for you to post but also spread it out and try to keep a strong presence on as many platforms as possible.

Keep in mind these six ways to generate more orders at your restaurant through social media advertising and the next time you post, try to think about exactly what that post entails and how it makes your brand look.

Running a social media site for a business is a lot different than running a personal one, while it is good to have a little personality, stay professional and remember the bottom-line is to get more orders through these platforms.

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