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7 Irresistible Restaurant Promotions to Whet Your Appetite


The allure of a good meal is only heightened when paired with a tantalizing restaurant promotion. The thrill of uncovering an exceptional deal through restaurant discounts and offers not only enhances the dining experience but also keeps patrons coming back for more. In this realm of culinary bargains, stands out as a pioneer in devising unique promotional strategies that cater to the appetites of diverse diners.

The Art of Attraction with Restaurant Promotions

Compelling restaurant promotions are more than just a discounted price. They’re supposed to be a siren call to food lovers.

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10 Keys to Restaurant Survival When Times are Tough


Navigating the turbulent waters of the restaurant industry requires resilience, adaptability, and a keen understanding of the market. In challenging times, restaurant survival becomes an art form, mastered by those willing to innovate and persevere. As restaurant owners grapple with fluctuations in the economy, changes in consumer behavior, and unforeseen circumstances, certain strategies can spell the difference between thriving and closing.

1. Agile Adaptation to Market Changes

Success in the restaurant industry often hinges on the ability to swiftly adapt to evolving market conditions.

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How to Wield Restaurant Food Costs to Your Advantage


In the restaurant industry, managing food costs is not just an operational task—it’s a strategic imperative. Understanding and optimizing restaurant food costs can be the difference between profitability and financial struggle. This article explores effective strategies for controlling food costs while maximizing restaurant revenue.

Comprehensive Food Cost Analysis

The first step to mastering restaurant food costs is conducting a comprehensive analysis. This means going beyond the surface to scrutinize every aspect of your food expenses. It involves tracking the cost of each ingredient, understanding seasonality, and recognizing price fluctuations.

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8 Ways Food Trucks Have Helped the Restaurant Industry Adapt to the Pandemic

food truck consulting

The start of the pandemic had restaurants scrambling to find a new way to provide service to their customers. The world changed rather quickly, and learning to adapt has been something that has been at the forefront of every business owner’s mind. Food trucks have helped ease the transition from pre-pandemic times til now. Here are 8 ways food trucks have helped the restaurant industry adapt to the pandemic. 

No Indoor Dining

When the pandemic started, most restaurants were closed down because there was a ban on indoor dining.

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How Food Truck Expansion Can Help Your Restaurant in 2023

food truck expansion

Do you have a restaurant with a physical retail location but are looking for unique ways of taking it to the next level? Have you been wanting to expand your restaurant, but aren’t convinced that you want to open another brick and mortar shop? Have you thought about the idea of using a food truck as a way of expanding your restaurant? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then MBB Management may be the perfect company to help you. We are going to teach you how food truck expansion can help you grow your restaurant in 2023.

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How to Prepare Your Business for Omicron to Prevent Profit Loss

omicron profit loss

The last few years have been a big eye-opener for businesses. When the pandemic hit, many people were left in a bad place with their businesses. Many businesses closed temporarily when COVID hit, and some businesses even had to close down permanently. Since the beginning of the pandemic, business owners have been looking to get back on their feet and find a new sense of normal. 

Things were looking better for many businesses, then at the end of 2021, a new strain called Omicron hit. Omicron is causing another surge in infections and hospitalizations.

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4 Ways Food Costing Can Boost Your Restaurant Revenue

food costing

If you own a restaurant, it’s obvious you’re more focused on money. How much is going in, how much is coming out, equipment costs, advertising costs, and so much more! However, there’s often a single trick that most restaurant owners don’t think of when it comes to money. This trick concerns the most important thing to a restaurant:

Food and food costs.

Most restaurants tend to focus on bulk costs. They know that 40 pounds of hamburger meat make a certain number of patties and that it costs a certain amount to buy every day. 

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How to Evaluate a Franchise Investment

franchise investment

The best thing about any franchise investment is the convenience that it affords any up-and-coming business owner. For most franchise opportunities, the groundwork has already been laid, the business has been tested and improved through time, and operational requirements are easy to prepare.

However, with the sheer number of franchising opportunities abound, you need to evaluate a franchise if it’s worth your time, effort, and money. In short, choosing the best franchise requires careful assessment and evaluation in order to fit your business needs.

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How to Start a Small Restaurant


There’s nothing small about putting up a small restaurant. You may be looking at a conservative startup with a limited budget, but the amount of planning and preparation needed to pull it off may overwhelm you.

If you’re eager to start a new food business at a small scale, let the following strategies lead you to succeed in your small restaurant venture.

Here are 8 Tips to consider on how to start a small restaurant business.

1. Decide on the kind of restaurant that you will run.

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How MBB Management Helped Grow Tony Luke’s From 4 to 24

tony lukes franchising

As a premier business consulting company, MBB Management has helped many businesses reach their potential whether that means growing their one business or becoming a franchisor. One example of such success is Tony Luke’s, an iconic Philly cheesesteak brand and franchise. When Tony Luke’s came to MBB Management, they had four locations. In just a short time, MBB Management helped Tony Luke’s grow from four to twenty-four franchise locations!

How did they do it?

John Moser, founder of MBB Management, explains the core steps they follow to scaling franchise businesses like Tony Luke’s to success.

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