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Who We Are

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“Making Business Better” entails improving the business you do — not changing the business you are, or the one-of-a-kind product you provide. As a consultancy, MBB takes great care to preserve your personal business vision, as we utilize decades of industry experience and connections to actualize the potential that already exists within your product, at a scale that matches, if not exceeds, your greatest aspirations.

John Moser, MBB’s Founder, thought about the industry as a whole and wanted to use his years of experience as a Chief Operating Officer and Hotel General Manager to improve existing operations, a goal that led him to formulate the concept of Impact Management, a less permanent management option designed to quickly and efficiently achieve the results your business needs to reach its full potential.

To achieve such a high level of success, John strategically assembled a team of like-minded professionals, each with his or her own areas of expertise, that fully encompass hospitality consulting and management.

Together, the MBB team provides our clients with award winning operational and administrative services. MBB positively impacts brands and organizations by offering a variety of operational and administrative hospitality services, such as bench management, franchise consulting, social media marketing, and food cost solutions.

MBB consistently maintains a much-valued rapport with each and every one of our clients. We strive to exceed expectations and pride ourselves upon knowing our clients can and will trust in our services, time and time again.

We at MBB know that each client and business is different, so we have built a small close-knit group of leaders that possess the wide range of knowledge and years of experience necessary to provide each client with measurable results.

Our Executive Team

John Moser
President and Founder

Mark Ludes
Executive Vice President of Brand Management and Hotel Operations

Cindy Wilbraham
Administrator and Founder

David Wachs
Vice President of Operations

Lindsey Smith
Hospitality Coordinator

Amanda Haubrich
Hospitality Coordinator

Gianna Gross
Hospitality Coordinator