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Location, Location Location! Where’s Your Business at?

MBB Management could have an office anywhere but we chose Paulsboro, NJ. Wondering why?

This week our Executive Vice President of Brand Management and Hotel Operations, Mark Ludes, was asked to speak on behalf of Paulsboro, NJ’s Mayor, Gary Stevenson, as to why MBB has their main office in Paulsboro. Jumping at the chance to speak about our fine borough we put together a list of reasons and headed to the Gloucester County Chamber Meeting. Here is what we came up with:

  1. Location – Any of our fine staff as well as exceptional clients can easily access our office and we can get to them just as easy.

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MBB Introduces Historic Philadelphia Police Hospitality Customer Service Initiative

MBB Management and the Philly PD just had their official kick off meeting with the Captains of each Police District along with 2 Chief Inspectors introducing a historic Hospitality based customer service initiative. The initiative will enhance the customer experience at each department district by strengthening the connection between the police and community members.  Customers will now have easy access to police-related services and assurance that those services are high quality, professional and helpful. 

The goal of this effort is to provide improved police-related customer service. The initiative starts at the Police District’s Service Desk, followed up by a customer service survey and ends with a happy customer.

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MBB Management Thanks The Philly PD

Yesterday’s events at the Democratic National Convention went of without a hitch thanks to the Philly PD! There were a lot of tired, hot and hungry officers there but we managed to help keep them fed and hydrated thanks to everyone on the MBB Management team!

We would like to thank all the brave men and women of the Philadelphia Police Department for their service at the Democratic National Convention. We would also like to thank all those who helped us feed the officers especially Liscio’s Bakery for providing the delicious rolls for the hoagies.

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MBB Feeds Over 300 of Philly’s Finest Police Officers at the DNC

MBB Feed Philly Police Logo

Police officers in Philadelphia are working nonstop to keep things safe around the Democratic National Convention activities this week leading into Wednesday’s marquee event at the Wells Fargo Center in South Philadelphia. All this activity is sure to leave these brave officers exhausted and very hungry.

MBB Management realized this and will be feeding over 300 of Philly’s finest Police Officers on Wednesday, July 27th. We thought, what better way to show our appreciation to the Philly PD than with delicious homemade hoagies made with fresh Liscio’s Bakery rolls!

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