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Why You Should Rebrand Your Hospitality Business

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Rebranding can be a challenge, no matter what industry you are in. Hospitality rebranding is definitely challenging, but if done correctly, it can help launch your hotel into a new, better normal. There are a lot of reasons to rebrand your hospitality business from pricing and economic concerns to bad PR on your existing business.

The opportunity to rebrand your hotel or another hospitality business is a chance like no other. You are going to gain the attention of many, as you promote and publicize your rebrand well in advance of its completion.

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Here Are Some Tips that Are Helping Hospitality Businesses Survive a Crisis

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Sadly, many hospitality businesses are struggling right now. With the spread of the pandemic, many people are choosing to stay home. Are you worried about how your business is going to survive? Here are some vital tips to make sure that your business survives the crisis.

Understanding How the Market is Changing

The best way to ensure your business’s survival is you need to work to understand how the market is changing. With decreased travel, you should be doing everything you can to keep in contact with customers and keep them engaged- you do not want them to forget that you exist.

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8 Ways For Hotels to Survive the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Many in hotel management are worried about the coronavirus pandemic shutting down their businesses. With large gatherings being canceled, tourists are no longer checking in. Guests are changing plans, or outright canceling them. How should you respond for your best chance at hotel survival?

Here are 8 ways for hotels to survive the coronavirus pandemic.

1. Have a Plan

Set up a standard procedure for operating in a recession- this will also apply to the pandemic. The plan should be based on the long-term.

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Hotel Marketing Tips to Increase Bookings

When you run or own a hotel, you want it to be a popular destination for all vacationers and business travelers , known for its excellent customer service and top notch amenities. While your first thought might be to lower room rates to get more guests in the door, it is not a viable long term solution. It is not likely you will be able to book enough rooms to offset the lost revenue. There are other strategies that are better at creating demand and improving for brand awareness.

Here are 11 hotel marketing tips to increase bookings:


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4 Ways a Hotel Consulting Company Helps Hotels Succeed

Has your hotel hit a slump or are you just looking for more ways to grow your clientele? Hiring a hotel consultant company can really give you that extra edge you need against your competitors. Consultants are able to give you a fresh perspective on what makes your hotel tick and offer innovative strategies to help you.

Here are 4 ways a hotel consulting company helps hotels succeed:

1. Helps You Innovate

To keep their guests coming back, you need to be innovative in the way you use technology to offer the most comfortable stay possible.

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Top 8 Qualities to Look for in a Hospitality Employee

The hospitality industry is booming so there is an increasing need for skilled hospitality employees. The customer is always the central focus for the hospitality employee so they really need to be passionate about giving the ultimate customer experience.

Finding the perfect employees can be challenging for your restaurant, hotel or resort, but there are certain qualities you should always look for. Here are the top 8 qualities to look for in a hospitality employee:

1. Total Commitment

Hospitality work can feel like a thankless job, with the long hours, hard work, and dealing with difficult customers, so you want staff who are truly committed and passionate about providing the best customer experience possible.

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5 Cutting Edge Advances in Hotel Technology

Today’s consumers are highly intelligent and they are not willing to settle for status quo. As they insist on having the newest technology at their fingertips at home, so do they want that when they go away on business trips or on vacation. To keep their guests coming back, hotels today need to be innovative in the way they use technology to offer the most comfortable stay possible. In hotels you will be seeing more of robots, smart gear and new mobile applications used to enhance the guest experience.

Here are 5 cutting edge advances in hotel technology:


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Why Reviews Really Matter to Your Hotel Management Strategy

Customer reviews have always been important in business, but today with the internet, business owners have to face them in a lot more public forum. It is important now more than ever to not ignore customer reviews and address them right away so that negative reviews don’t snowball into a bigger problem.

Here is why reviews really matter to your hotel management strategy:

Online Reviews Shape Customer Decision

With sites like TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Facebook, and Google ranking most consumers feel safer checking online reviews before making any final decisions about where they spending their money.

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What Is All the Buzz Over Soft Branding?

Have you been hearing the term soft branding thrown around in the news, but not sure what it is and what all the fuss is all about? Don’t worry you have come to the right place.

With concerns over fewer people having enough disposable income to go on frequent holidays, many independent and boutique hotels are considering joining forces with large hotel brands. With soft branding, they get to still retain creative control, but to also have the benefits of having the support of a larger chain.

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How to Create a Successful Spa for Your Hotel

Hotels are so much more than just a clean and comfortable room to sleep in when you are away from home. It is all about the amenities like five star dining, a spacious pool and other amenities. Some hotels have added a spa to offer their guests a little more luxury during the stay, but hotel spas are not always as lucrative as you would expect.

It really depends on the type of clientele you typically get at your hotel. Often only a small percentage of guests can afford the extra money for a spa package so getting a constant daily traffic in and out of the spa can be challenging.

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