How NFC Technology for Restaurants Can Help Boost Restaurant Sales

How NFC Technology for Restaurants Can Help Boost Restaurant Sales

NFC technology for restaurants

Everyone is looking for the best way to make some additional money – more so if they are in the restaurant business. While sales, new menu items, and a fresh coat of paint can quickly bring more people into your restaurant, technology can help too. That’s where NFC technology comes in.  NFC technology for restaurants is a great way to boost flagging sales and bring people into the establishment. 

But what exactly is this technology, and how do you make it work?

This article shows you how you can use NFC technology to bring your restaurant into the 20th century with some brand new customers.

What Is NFC?

There was a time where you pulled out your wallet, either to get at the various pieces of plastic inside or to get some cash whenever you paid for food. However, that’s all changing with the world. More and more people are using their phones to pay for food, and that’s all because of Near Field Communication (NFC).

This type of communication lets your phone and a payment terminal talk to one another so that you can spend money electronically. With more and more people getting onto websites and mobile wallets such as Paypal and Venmo, money can be exchanged with just a few taps of the phone.

If you’ve seen a QR code at your table whenever you sit down to eat, you can take part in NFC and help the restaurant. If you are the owner of a restaurant, then here are some of the ways incorporating NFC tech into your franchise can boost sales:

Mobile Payments Are Fast

Which is faster? Pulling out your debit card, placing it in the holder, waiting for the click, and seeing whether the payment has been processed or pressing your phone to a receiver? The NFC payments are immediate and processed securely and quickly. This allows you to pay faster than cash and other credit cards, so your staff can process more payments in less time.

Convenience Equals Loyal Customers

Whenever you get into the restaurant business, there’s an old saying you recall to yourself:

“It can be fast, cheap, and good. Pick two.” 

One of the best things that NFC payments can do is make things faster for your customers. The more convenient you make the dining experience, the better your customers feel about coming to your restaurant. They will eventually become loyal to you and your food. More so, people focus on reward programs with the personalized service model, so you can incentivize your guests to continue coming back to receive more from your restaurant.

For example, most mobile payments connect with points and reward programs, so they get points every time they pay with a card. Additionally, you will collect behind-the-scenes customer data to see what those customers are doing for you.

NFC Allows More Information To Be Shared

Once you’ve decided to go to a new restaurant, one of the first things you might look at is the new establishment’s online reviews. Whenever people are walking through the neighborhood, they might see new reviews right from their phones.

Some restaurants put QR codes in their windows and allow people to scan them while they walk by. From that scan, prospective new customers can see the reviews, ratings, and even the restaurant’s menu, all from their phones. Then they can be armed with all the knowledge they need before they even set foot in the door.

If you can put NFC-enabled window tags into the windows of your restaurant, then you can connect with new and old customers alike.

Additionally, instead of keeping track of menus and the like, you can have one-tap menus that are accessed from a simple QR code. Then your customers will see the menus from their phones and perhaps even place their orders.

Human Error Is Removed

One of the worst things that can happen at a restaurant is human error. Waiters forgetting orders, customers forgetting payments or forgetting where they put their coupons, and lines being held up due to human error. All of this means less payment for you, and that can be a massive problem.

With NFC technology, human error is removed. People can make their payments from their phones without having to fiddle with credit cards or coupons. Then you don’t need to worry about payment bottlenecks at the checkout line because no one likes that. Additionally, if the menu is all online, then mistakes by waiters mishearing are all removed.

No one likes when mistakes get all the way back to the kitchen, as it’s costly and puts a bad taste in the mouth of customers and waiters alike. NFC technology removes that all together. Everyone loves it because no one’s orders are messed up when they are hungry.

It’s More Common Than You Would Think

More and more restaurants are looking into adopting Near Field Communication for themselves and their customers. To take advantage of this new technology for your restaurant, start by incorporating it into a payment option. If people in the checkout lines begin to use it, then you can incorporate it into other aspects of your restaurant.

Finally, keep track of the money you have sunk into the NFC technology and the money that it is making you. Your goal is to boost sales and bring more people into your restaurant, and if NFC technology isn’t doing that for you, you might need to try something else.

The use of NFC payments for restaurants mainly grew due to the pandemic, to a point where it became normal in the new normal, and that trend isn’t reversing any time soon. So the sooner you incorporate it into your restaurant, the better it will be for you!

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