You have probably eaten beef in restaurants countless times in your life. Some outings very memorable others not so much. So what made those carnivorous expeditions so special? Well Bob Creager says it depends on the cut of beef and how carefully it’s prepared. Bob recently took a field trip to Rastelli foods in Swedesboro NJ to check out their state of the art beef manufacturing facility. The master of the Pit Beef sandwich was treated to a private, bottom round flat trimming session guided by Bob’s exact specifications. MBB Management has a strong relationship with Rastelli Foods, one of the largest meat manufacturers in the world. That relationship has proven very useful for both Chaps and Tony Luke’s Franchises whose menus are filled with the high quality meat products Rastelli Foods provides them.
Bottom Round contains the eye (the round part in the middle), the outside round (flat) and the heel. This cut is often referred to as the gooseneck.
The Bottom Round is a full flavored cut and offers Chaps Pit Beef a variety of hearty menu applications and is ideal for high-volume recipes! The bottom round is what Bob uses to make Chaps Pit Beef’s  “World Famous” Pit Beef Sandwiches! The bottom round also requires minimal attention to maintain optimal serving quality. Since 1987 bottom round has been the choice cut of beef at Chaps and has allured regulars and celebrities ever since.
Chaps Pit Beef takes a flat trimmed bottom round and seasons it with their secret mix of spices first. Then one of Chaps’ Pit Masters hoists it on top of a charcoal pit for only a short time to achieve a crispy, smokey outer crust. The initial short cooking time and crust allow the bottom round to remain juicy and flavorful. Chaps does this so when you place your order it can go back on the pit and continue cooking to your exact specifications. Chaps Pit Beef’s sandwiches are always cooked to order. Your Pit Beef Sandwich always starts from a flat trimmed to order, high quality bottom round. 
Now stop drooling and head over to Chaps Pit Beef and ask for Bob.