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How to Find Franchise Investors During a Recession

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Right now it might seem like not the best time to invest or start something new. However, right now is the best time to open a new business! With a recession, it seems like it would not be a good choice, but it is the opposite.

Looking to learn how to find a franchise investor during a recession? This guide has got you covered.

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MBB Management is there for you if you need help with redesigning your business for the better. They offer assistance in many forms and for many different types of businesses. They also offer franchise consulting, which is a great resource to use during a recession, when finding information can be tough.

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Let Investors Know There are No Risks

Finding franchise investors is harder than normal right now. People are unwilling to take business risks. So, if you are currently looking for investors, what can you do?

You will want to let potential investors know that there are no extra risks to making a franchise investment during a recession. Peace of mind is helpful when talking to investors.

Franchises are always a solid investment. Many brands have already been through recessions and survived, so that they have the experience to bring you through one now. Your franchise can navigate a recession easily- the company will help you and you can let potential investors know this as well.

Franchises have systems in place to keep their new locations from failing. Once you realize that, it makes it so much easier to find franchise investors during a recession. Companies want you to succeed- they will ensure that you do by giving you all the tools necessary.

Look for “Recession Proof” Franchises

Plenty of brands have already proven that they know how to navigate recession, but there are specific franchises that are “recession-proof”- meaning that they are always in demand, no matter how much money people are making.

Five of the most prevalent ones include:

  • Automotive Franchises
  • Hair Salons
  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Senior Care Franchises
  • Tax Preparation Franchises

These types of services are always in demand, especially during a recession. Think back on recent events with many Americans demanding access to hair salons and you can see what we mean. These kinds of franchises will survive, and make money, during a recession.

If you are looking for franchise investors and fall into one of the above categories, you should be able to easily convince them that your services will still be in demand, no matter the state of the economy. These franchises are always needed in local communities, no matter the area.

If you are not a part of one of those franchises, you can observe the services they offer and try to reflect them in your businesses. Or, you can consider investing in one of them yourself. They are reliable and have proven that time and time again. A franchise consulting business can help you make any important decisions.

How are Franchises Affected?

This is an important question to consider if you want to talk to franchise investors right now. With a recession lurking, this question is foremost on their minds.

Franchising in itself is not affected by recessions or changes in the economy. This is because franchises are a business methodology and not an industry-the two are separate. What is affected is the industry that the franchise operates in, but not the actual franchises.

This means that it is always safe to invest in a franchise- which is another way to ease the worry of any potential franchise investors that you meet. A person afraid of losing money will not make the leap into opening a business, but someone who’s questions are answered and their fears cleared up will. This is the best way to find investors during troubling times.

Franchises can be opened in good or bad economies and still be successful. You just need to work hard and know what to expect.

There are More Opportunities in a Recession

Another important point is that there are more opportunities during a recession than when times are going well. With unemployment rapidly growing, people are looking for work and investing in businesses.

People are discovering their passion for franchising and running their business. Investors may be people who have recently become unemployed, so they should know that they are helping open work for others and providing to their communities.

When someone loses their job, they might be willing to explore more opportunities. Franchise investors should know that they are safe with franchising in a recession.

Franchise Consulting

Companies like MBB Management are designed to help franchisors in these uncertain times. If you feel that your business is failing, need help bringing your building up to the franchise’s guidelines, or need advice on what to do next- franchise consulting is your best bet.

Professionals can offer you the best advice for finding franchise investors during a recession- they know the system well and where to best find the people you are looking for. Never give up without first talking to a franchise consultant!


So, the most important take-away from this guide is that you can assure potential franchise investors that these franchises are “recession-proof”- the industry is affected, not the franchises themselves during a recession.

Franchises are a good investment right now, especially if you are struggling. They are a mostly safe way to make money and earn a living. If you, unfortunately, lost your job recently due to state closings, you may want to consider opening a franchise.

Franchise consulting is available if you find the situation becoming too difficult. They are there to help you and your business grow and thrive. They offer advice and plenty of other useful services for you to utilize.

Always remember that franchises are stable during recessions and you will have investors in no time!

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