MBB Introduces Philadelphia Police Hospitality Customer Service

MBB Introduces Historic Philadelphia Police Hospitality Customer Service Initiative

MBB Management and the Philly PD just had their official kick off meeting with the Captains of each Police District along with 2 Chief Inspectors introducing a historic Hospitality based customer service initiative. The initiative will enhance the customer experience at each department district by strengthening the connection between the police and community members.  Customers will now have easy access to police-related services and assurance that those services are high quality, professional and helpful. 

The goal of this effort is to provide improved police-related customer service. The initiative starts at the Police District’s Service Desk, followed up by a customer service survey and ends with a happy customer. The process allows residents to access police services in a more convenient, streamlined manner. Every customer deserves a reliable, respectful and reassuring Police Force and with the help of MBB the Philly PD will provide them just that. MBB plans to train ALL District personnel on this monumental hospitality initiative beginning the end of November. Mark Ludes, Executive Vice President of Brand Management and Hotel Operations for MBB has also already met with University of Penn’s Police Chief.

MBB Management has taken the art of hospitality service and expanded it over all spectrums of our country’s industries. Our Police Hospitality Initiative makes us the first and only Nationally Recognized Leader in Pioneering a Customer Service Revolution in Law Enforcement! Exposing and training the art of “Hospitality” to the fine officers at each Philadelphia PD is good for the community, the customer and our citizens on patrol.

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