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Why You Should Rebrand Your Hospitality Business

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Rebranding can be a challenge, no matter what industry you are in. Hospitality rebranding is definitely challenging, but if done correctly, it can help launch your hotel into a new, better normal. There are a lot of reasons to rebrand your hospitality business from pricing and economic concerns to bad PR on your existing business.

The opportunity to rebrand your hotel or another hospitality business is a chance like no other. You are going to gain the attention of many, as you promote and publicize your rebrand well in advance of its completion. You can improve pricing and the overall aesthetics of your company. In some cases, you can make renovations on lodging that has been around for decades. Your customers will be thankful for the new amenities.

Read on for a review of some of the reasons you absolutely should rebrand your business, and you will find yourself with new customers and increased revenues.


Over time, pricing needs to be updated in the hospitality business. Whether you are running a hotel or doing something like event planning, prices get stale. The good thing is most people understand inflation and they know that everything increases over time. People do not usually balk too hard over a casual increase in price.

That said, pricing is a great time to rebrand in the hospitality business. When you increase prices and the services stay the same, customers could question that. However, if you do a major rebrand that includes a renovation, new logos, new employees, people can see what their own eyes what the higher prices are paying for. That helps them understand a little bit better when you increase prices in the hospitality industry.  Seeing is believing, and customers might not question a higher price when they see tangible changes have been made.

Bad Publicity

Did you get a few bad reviews online? Whatever your bad press is, rebranding your hospitality business could be the best solution. A rebrand is like starting fresh. A rebrand gives you a great opportunity to upgrade social media pages with your new brand and create some positive publicity. Get people talking about a Grand Re-Opening and your New brand, and they will stop talking about the bad publicity that you had in the past.

“Any publicity is good publicity” is the old saying. While that might be true, bad publicity still can be quite harmful to your hospitality business. Take this rebrand as an opportunity to address, and improve that bad publicity.

Outdated Facilities

Nobody wants to feel like they are staying in a stale Motel 6 when they are really staying in a Ritz Carlton. Upgrading your facilities could be the most important part of your rebrand if your business is a hotel or lodge. Add new amenities, make sure the Wi-Fi is strong, and make sure your home away from home is indeed just that.

If you are drastically overhauling facilities, consider offering some promotions as part of your re-brand. While this will cost you some money upfront, you want to encourage people to come see your new and improved business for themselves. Do anything to get customers in the door. Your successful rebrand will ensure the customers become repeat customers.

Target New Customers

Rebranding is a great way to go after people who have not used your brand historically. Target people who use the competitors in your industry. What makes them choose another hotel over yours? Figure out what that is and tailor your rebrand accordingly. Not only will you increase customers and profits, but you will decrease the success of other brands in your industry.

You can also find out what people have historically complained about regarding your business. If you address those complaints, communicate that. Advertise that you have addressed your weakness and your brand is stronger. People will not only be appreciative that you listened to them, but they are going to give you another chance since your brand is better now in their eyes.

Most loyal customers are going to stick with you through a rebrand if they have been patronizing your business for years. A rebrand is the best way to get new customers, so take advantage and find ways to market your services to new groups of people. Maybe you never offered Free Wi-Fi before, and now you do. Use that to advertise to millennials and reach a new demographic.

Branding your Business with your Own Touch

Maybe you just took over ownership from somebody else, and you want the opportunity to brand your hospitality business to put your own personal spin on it. Customers will likely receive this rebrand well, especially if the business was floundering until previous ownership.

Even if the hotel was incredibly successful for the past three decades, there is nothing wrong with rebranding to add your personal touch. In the case of rebranding a successful business, make sure your customers know you are not changing anything that they loved, just improving it. It is all about the spin you put on it when you announce your rebrand.

Your rebrand also does not have to be major. If you do not need to renovate an entire hotel, keep things lighter. Maybe tweak a color scheme in your logo, or add an amenity to guests upon check-in. Maybe you love a hot towel when you step out of the shower, so your own personal twist is to add a towel warmer in each room of your hotel. It can be simple. Guests will notice and give you positive reviews.

Rebranding your Hospitality Business to Create a Better Future

Whether your business needs a drastic overhaul or just a few minor upgrades, rebranding can be a great way to freshen up your company and reach new customers who have either not used your company in decades or have never used your business.

With the right approach, you can target and improve your own weaknesses, addressing past concerns of customers. You can also rebrand on social media, using that churn to gain momentum and attract customers.

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