4 Ways a Hotel Consulting Company Helps Hotels Succeed

4 Ways a Hotel Consulting Company Helps Hotels Succeed

Has your hotel hit a slump or are you just looking for more ways to grow your clientele? Hiring a hotel consultant company can really give you that extra edge you need against your competitors. Consultants are able to give you a fresh perspective on what makes your hotel tick and offer innovative strategies to help you.

Here are 4 ways a hotel consulting company helps hotels succeed:

1. Helps You Innovate

To keep their guests coming back, you need to be innovative in the way you use technology to offer the most comfortable stay possible. It is the job of hotel consultants to stay up-to-date on all the cutting edge advances in hotel technology and they can help you incorporate some technology into your hotel to improve your customers’ experiences.

Some of the strategies they can help you implement include:

  • Using smartphone tools to give your guests more control over their hotel experiences. From check-in and checkout to ordering room service and in-room controls, guests can do it all on their phone. Your phone gets transformed into a remote control. Many hotels also allow guests to text any requests they have as well by setting up a concierge service dedicated to texting. So if you need more towels or a late check out time, all you have to do is text a quick message.
  • No Hassle Room Entry. A growing number of hotels are using a smartphone app like the Starwood app instead. When connected to the data, the guest just has to make sure his or her Bluetooth is tuned on, open up the app and hole the phone in front of the keypads.
  • High Tech Rooms. When people travel today they are bring so much more than just their clothes and toiletries. Each guest typically also has a laptop, table, smartphone and other high-tech gadgets with them so they can keep up with work and watch movies and their favorite television shows a lot easier. To make it easier to manage all these electronics while away, you could provide new interactive in-room systems that can be accessed from the television in the room. Guests can connect all their gadgets to the television and do everything from streaming their favorite shows to checking their flight status and even playing personal playlists all from the tv.

2. Help You Find Star Talent

Finding the perfect employees can be challenging for your hotel, but with the help of a consultant they can guide you in the right direction. They will know what qualities to look for like strong communication skills and a passion for serving people and can even help you with the interviewing process. They can even take care of the whole recruitment, hiring process for you so you can feel confident that you have the right people running your hotel, even key positions like the hotel manager and the chef for your hotel restaurant.

3. Help Grow Hotel Bookings

A hotel consultant will know which types of special packages you should offer to attract more guests. He or she will know how to do the proper research to find out which combinations whether it is fitness classes or beauty and spa treatment with discounted room will be the ticket.

They can also help you capitalize better on your location. Hopefully when choosing the location for your hotel, you thought a lot about geography and what hot spots and attractions you would be close too. If you are near popular tourist attractions, cool shopping districts or entertainment hubs, then see if you can collaborate with them on some promotional work. Besides emphasizing these attractions on your website and print promotional materials, you can also use advertisements and editorials to emphasize how convenient it would be for guests interested in these attractions to stay with you during their visit.

4. Help You Manage Social Media

With smart technology, most people are constantly tuned into what is happening on the internet, especially social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. These are perfect ways to stay engaged with your guests by letting them know about the latest going-ons at your hotel and by answering any of their questions. All this can get overwhelming especially if you start to receive some negative comments on social media or review sites. The biggest thing to remember is not to ignore. You must address the issues in a proactive way and a hotel consultant with social media experience can help you navigate these tricky waters.

Why Choose MBB Management

Are you looking to innovate your hotel, but not sure where to start? MBB Management, a hotel management consulting company, can help. MBB has a team of experienced and dedicating consultants who can help you with all aspects of hotel management. From promotion to hiring staff to the managing the daily workings of your place, MBB can help you get better results. They can also help with attracting more guests, your hiring and training processes and strengthening your brand. If negative reviews have been dogging your hotel for a while then the experienced consultants at MBB Management can help you pinpoint the problems and help you fix them.

MBB also works with restaurants looking to expand their business through becoming a franchisor as well as with those who are already franchisors, but who are looking to grow and improve upon what they have already established. Whether you are new or established, MBB Management can help you every step of the way.

MBB Management can help you with all aspects of the franchise business. Some of the services include franchise development for new franchise programs, strategic planning for franchise growth as well as help with all the legal documentation involved. You can also get help with developing operations and training documentation and franchisee recruitment marketing strategies.

They also works with other businesses that want to franchise including manufacturers, dealers and distributors. For existing franchisors, services include franchise system best practices and benchmarking and organizational audits, improved franchisee support systems and franchise sales coaching.

MBB Management has a passion for the hotel industry just like you do and they have the experience to help you fulfill all your dreams for your hotel. If you are considering a hotel consulting company in Philadelphia then check out MBB Management. Let them put their experience to work for you.

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  1. I liked that you said that one thing to consider when you are managing a hotel is to hire hotel consultants to help you learn how to better improve your services in order to become more successful. I would imagine that the education and experience that hotel consultants offer would benefit your business and ultimately bring in more customers. I would be sure to hire a professional to help me make adjustments in the way that the hotel was managed so that we could become more profitable.

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