7 Signs That Hotel Management is Top of the Line

7 Signs That Hotel Management is Top of the Line

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If you own a hotel or manage a hotel team, you probably know that hotel management can make or break your business. Luckily, with all the new hotel technology that is available to you, it can be easy to see how your management team is performing.

You might be wondering if there are easy ways to tell if your management team is doing its duties. You can check the following signs to ensure your team is running well.

Your Average Daily Rate is High

The average daily rate or the ADR is the average rate per occupied room. When looking at the ADR, you can determine the amount of revenue you are collecting with each room that has people staying in it.

Not only does this figure let you see your financial performance, but you can also see how your management team is performing.

When you have a high ADR, it means rooms are being cleaned and serviced quickly so that new people can then move into the room. It also shows that your management team can delegate duties so that work gets done.

ADR also helps you with marketing and pricing. When your ADR is looked at by all management members, they can make a plan better. They can also help you advertise the hotel because they know the set prices for the seasons to come.

Stellar Online Reviews

Any hotel that plans to make a revenue needs to have good online reviews. Many people also base reviews on their experiences with management members. People might talk ill about someone in particular if someone was rude to them, their room was not clean, or they were not able to check in on time.

Make sure you filter reviews for specific things that were said about hotel management. This way you can see ways they can improve.

If you see good reviews about specific people, make sure to offer incentives and reward them so that they are encouraged to keep doing well in the future.

In general, if you have plenty of 5-star ratings, this means your hotel management is doing an effective job of running the hotel.

Your Team Members Enjoy Their Job

It’s a known fact that people who love their job will perform better. If you have hotel managers that love what they’re doing, they will be more likely to work harder. Make sure you sit down with all management employees and ask them what they love and don’t like about the job.

This gives you a better idea of things that can change. If most of your employees only have minor complaints, it means they are enjoying the management job and will stay on board longer.

Keep in mind that hotel management is not for everyone. You’re bound to always have a few employees that hate the job and do not stay with your hotel for long. As long as this doesn’t happen often and the majority of your employees work for years at a time, it’s not a big deal.

However, if you are constantly having employees quit and needing to hire new ones, this shows more than one problem in the company. Your management team cannot be effective if there are always more new people than old.

This is because the current employees will be more focused on training than on actually managing.

Your Budget is On Point

A budget is one of the most important parts of any business. The manager of the hotel is in charge of the expenses and budget. If your budget is always correct every month and you see no gaps in the expenses, this shows your manager is doing an effective job when it comes to the financial part of the hotel.

If you’re way under or way over budget, your manager might need to undergo some more training.

Revenue Increases After Hotel Reflagging

Many hotels at one point or another choose to undergo reflagging. This means the hotel is changing its brand. There are high costs involved with this so you need to ensure you will be able to make up for it with increased revenue.

Keep in mind that hotel reflagging changes almost everything in the hotel including towels, bedsheets, all advertisements, and basically anything with the hotel’s name on it.

The bigger the hotel, the more money you will need to spend on reflagging. Your hotel management team will also need to undergo training to learn the new values of rebranding.

If you see the hotel team picking up the new values quickly and being able to get you an increase in revenue, this shows the team is working together effectively.

Increased Hotel Consulting

Hotel consulting generally happens when investors seek out professional help because they want to invest in hotels. If many hotel consultors are talking about your hotel, this is an excellent sign.

It means people are interested in doing business with you and your management team. Your management team could also benefit from hotel consulting services if you feel like they are lacking in a certain area and could use some advice.

Following Hotel Room Service Trends

Just like with all industries, there are trends in the hotel setting that are always changing. In order to do business well and make money, you need a hotel management team that can keep up with the trends.

Hotel room services are one of the most important things when it comes to your hotel because guests expect the best service possible.

If your management team is willing to learn new trends and actually implement them into the hotel vision, this is an excellent sign that they are committed and motivated.

Putting new trends is not always easy so they might need some guidance at the beginning.

While there are many ways to see if your hotel management is doing well, these seven signs are the most important. If you see them happening in your company, it shows your hotel management team is working hard and ready to serve clients.

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