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Things All Luxury Hotels Should Provide

Things All Luxury Hotels Should Provide

Electrical Adapters

Any traveler worth their salt carries a plethora of adapters. When traveling overseas never leave home without a universal, UK, and Europe adapters. But sometimes even the most experienced traveler forgets, loses, or breaks their adapters.  Always remember that destinations like Prague, Italy, Barcelona, and Paris all use the same plugs. But London uses different outlets which are three-pronged.  

Flight Board and Weighing Station

Now, I’m not sure why all luxury hotels don’t have a flight board and a weighing station available to their guests. It’s a great concept and an added bonus for us customers. Whether you’re on vacation or on business, a weighing station would be a valuable commodity for the return home. Most people return home with more belongings than they initially left with. Having this luxury available will help you avoid the open luggage in front of the check in counter for random people to view..

Welcome Drink

OK, so quite a few hotels do a welcome drink, but it’s certainly hit or miss. I’m not saying that it has to be a glass of Champagne. Although, luxury hotels should have no problem offering guests something wet upon arrival? I’m parched at the very least and dehydrated at the most after a flight. How about cucumber water? It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, but it certainly is a nice touch.

Quart-Sized Plastic Bag

By now, everyone knows about that pesky TSA rule about only carrying on liquids less than three ounces and putting them all in a quart-sized plastic bag. It’s not just an American thing and is the standard in international airports. I’m normally well prepared with multiple sizes of these handy bags, but not everyone is as a seasoned traveler as I am. Those are the people I usually get behind in security carrying a giant vat of lotion they bought especially in France. How nice would it be if a hotel included a quart-sized plastic bag for their customers to stash all the toiletries they will be taking with them from the hotel?

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