How To Make Your Home Feel Like A Cozy Ski Lodge

How To Make Your Home Feel Like A Cozy Ski Lodge

A lot of people escape their regularly used homes to the mountains during the winter season.  And the best part of it all? Snuggling up with a blanket in the lodge with some hot cocoa. But that doesn’t have to end when you arrive back home — even the most expensive, luxurious ski lodges have some elements of decor in common. It is those same elements you can carry over with you for the coziest transformation your home has ever seen!

TV’s are overrated; the fireplace being the main focal point is where it’s at. A cozy technology- fireplace is a great idea to change up the scenery and create a more than comfortable environment.

The value of the view is important.  Being able to look out over a beautiful panorama is a great idea while vacationing in the winter. Ski lodges have a way of making the outside world come to life in doors in a romantically gorgeous way using picture windows and carefully-positioned patios. In other words, open the blinds once in awhile and let the outside come in! You can also add large framed pictures of outdoor winter landscapes to remind you just how cozy warm you are inside.

The majority of the world love exposed brick, but natural stone or rustic wood does the trick. If your house doesn’t have any, why not add some stone or wood pieces to make it original! Old vintage pictures could add a lot of originality to your house too! They’ll also give a good story to tell to friends or distant family. Dim the lights! A ski/mountain house that isn’t cozy? Never heard of it! Keep the lights dim and use yellow-tone bulbs instead of fluorescent bulbs.

Last but not least focus on comfort from a family or friend gathering-centered layout to having hot-chocolate and cocktails on hand at all times, these places know what they’re designed for — a comfy and intimate escape from winter.

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