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The Nine Basic Principles of Hospitality and Service

Remarkable Service is the distinctive and defining attribute of the best customer service establishments. Remarkable Service makes guests and customers feel comfortable, and it makes their experience enjoyable. In other words Remarkable Service is a high level of caring for the comfort of guests/customers.

946476_899969136786128_5652424103695806268_nWhat are the attributes of Remarkable Service?

Remarkable service is:

  • Is welcoming, friendly, and courteous
  • Is knowledgeable
  • Is efficient
  • Is well timed
  • Is flexible
  • Is consistent
  • Communicates effectively
  • Instills trust
  • Exceeds expectations

Remarkable Service Is Only as Good as It Looks, or First Impressions Matter

“You only have one chance to make a good first impression” has become the mantra for quality-oriented service businesses. In the customer service business, judgments that can alter the entire experience are made by guests and customers within minutes of their arrival.

Remarkable Service Is Welcoming, Friendly, and Courteous

A warm, friendly welcome assures guests that they can relax and enjoy their experience. By the same token, a warm good-bye makes guests feel appreciated and encouraged to return.

13450824_1159596180757765_3060570446429965842_nRemarkable Service Is Knowledgeable

Guests and customers often request information about specific items. Customer service reps who are knowledgeable about the business can provide the help they need.

A remarkable team member not only has to know how to answer the guest’s or customers question but also must guess what the guest/customer really wishes to find out.

Remarkable Service Is Efficient

Efficiency is important to the servers and to the restaurant for obvious reasons; for one, more work can be done (and more money made) with less effort. And when guests see the servers working quickly, smoothly, and easily, they feel at ease. Disorganization and unseemly haste are contagious

Remarkable Service Is Well Timed

Remarkable servers anticipate the dining needs of the guests. This means providing just the right items or services before the guests even realize they need them.

Remarkable Service Is Flexible

Remarkable Service consists of more than adhering to a set of principles. Sometimes the rules must be bent a little. A guest might ask, for example, for an appetizer and a salad instead of an appetizer and an entrée or to have the courses out of the menu sequence, such as a salad after the entrée instead of before.

Zac's-BurgersRemarkable Service Is Consistent

People go to a restaurant the first time for many different reasons. They come back for only one: They like the restaurant, its food, and its service. Making good use of the Nine Basic Principles of Hospitality and Service can induce someone to come back to the restaurant once, but consistently high-quality food and service is the only way to bring in repeat business.

Remarkable Service Communicates Effectively

The art of communication consists of transmitting just the right amount of information exactly when it is needed. When a server describes specials that don’t appear on the menu or offers suggestions about additional dishes or beverages that might enhance the dining experience, the diner is well served.

Remarkable servers recognize what guests want to know and provide the information in an unobtrusive manner. Rather than an ostentatious flaunting of knowledge, which can make guests uncomfortable and irritated because they feel condescended to, a tactful delivery of the facts best serves the purpose.

Remarkable Service Instills Trust

A state of trust must be established between the server and the guest. The guest wants to feel secure that menu items are described accurately and that health and sanitary codes are observed. A bond of trust is central to return business.

martoranos_hardrockRemarkable Service Exceeds Expectations

Repeat customers expect the same basic level of service each time they visit, but remarkable servers are constantly seeking ways to better the experience. The best service is constantly improving service. Little touches, such as recalling a guest’s name or offering a toy to a child, are sure to be remembered. When something goes wrong, such as a reservation mix-up, an apology is called for, but the manager’s offer of a complimentary glass of wine is doubly appreciated, precisely because it exceeds expectations.

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