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7 Emerging Franchises in 2021

emerging franchises

Franchises are a great way to start your own business while exposing yourself to less risk. Future business owners are looking to take more substantial starts as the pandemic forced some small businesses to close. This guide offers a few of the newly emerging franchises for future entrepreneurs to consider with their next venture.

Tony Luke’s

Tony Luke’s takes a slightly different approach to the cheesesteak you would traditionally find in Philadelpiha. Instead, Tony Luke’s offers roast pork and chicken instead of the traditional meats. Their website says that Tony Luke’s has been elevated from a cheesesteak store to a known brand on the east coast with appearances in Gourmet Magazine, the New York Times, and Bobby Flay’s Throwdown!. With a few locations in Maryland, New Jersey, and of course Philadelphia, the franchise is expanding with three locations opening in New York too.

Tony Luke’s has their own franchise opportunities page with many details. They say the total investment for a new store is between $170,000  and $396,000.

Chap’s Pit Beef

Chap’s is best known for some of Maryland’s best pit beef, turkey, pork, chicken and ribs. In case you think we listed lots of means, that’s because they serve many meats. Chap’s is beginning to expand offers a lot of info on their website about franchise opportunities The restaurant which started as a 12 by 15 foot food stand until they themselves expanded other cities in Maryland.

Chap’s franchise support includes help on site when needed for your general manager and help with site selection and layout specifications. You also get marketing help and the well known name of a BBQ restaurant that brings hungry folks from miles around.

Locations are opening in Media, PA and Glen Burnie, MD soon. Their website explains a preference for high foot traffic areas and stores with 1,000 to 1,200 square feet. They are great to consider for a small restaurant for a BBQ lover.

Humpty’s Dumplings

The well named store focused on selling dumplings and noodle bowls. Humpty’s Dumplings offers two main locations in Philadelphia and offers their servings at two farmer’s markets in Philadelphia as well as a food truck and catering.

Humpty’s has received much praise after attending Bonnaroo in 2016 and being named Rolling Stone’s “Best Eats” from the event. The food itself is fairly simple and largely bite sized, with different meat combos and sauces wrapped in dough. Their website does not say much about expansion opportunities for people outside the current stores, but given their popularity, it might be coming soon.

Roof Maxx

Looking for opportunities in construction? Many businesses are dedicated to completely replacing roofs while having insurance and the homeowner pay the bill, all while your rates go up. Roof Maxx takes a different approach. They offer ways to fix the problems with your roof without completely replacing it. Customers can feel better about this without disrupting their daily lives with a complete roof raper, and they know that a construction company isn’t reporting false info to their insurance company.

Roof Maxx has over three hundred franchises already but that barely begins to scratch the surface for actual home ownership need. You don’t even need to be a roofer or have technical expertise to start. Much of the work is related to sales management and lead followup.

Roof Maxx is also considered essential even during a pandemic. The startup costs are fairly low with a total investment of around $50-$100.000 to start.

Mosquito Hunters

People have started to head outdoors for gatherings a bit more often since the COVID 19 pandemic started. Franchise consultants might suggest a business design like Mosquito Hunters, which helps keep the flying pests out of backyards and parks when you are having your backyard bonfire or BBQ. They also use environmentally friendly products and chemicals to keep your backyard sustainable.

Mosquito Hunters has a fairly low franchise starting prices at under $100,000 and they have financing available. In addition, you get plenty of support with corporate lead generation and a support call center to help keep your business growing and moving.

Mosquito Hunters isn’t just for households. They can contract with parks and recreation groups, outdoor businesses, and retirement communities to keep pests away from any outdoor spaces.

You can start to look at more franchise details here.

Dryer Vent Wizard

You might be surprised at how man home and business dryer vents are improperly installed and causing problems. An improperly installed dryer vent can lead to moisture problems from dried clothes and make appliances break down sooner.

Dryer Vent Wizard is the only and they say by far the largest franchise dedicated to properly installing and fixing dryer vents. Franchisees can target homes, multi unit housing, and businesses with simple repairs on repeat to ensure things are still working correctly.

The goals of Dryer Vent Wizard are to make your home safer and more livable since the laundry home is often ignored by so many home owners who later learn about the effects of moisture, mold and smells.


Dog care is a huge industry. Nearly 70% of US households have a dog and people are always willing to spend money on their furry friend, no matter the economy. Dogtopia is a dog day spa, boarding, and spa all in one.

The best part of DogTopia is that there isn’t much need to track inventory and you have the chance to play with and care for dogs. The business model is largely recurring because most pet owners have services done on a regular basis too.

See this site for more info.

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