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Franchising Consulting

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MBB partnered with Chaps Pit Beef and successfully built and expanded the Chaps Pit Beef brand. They now have the original Chaps pit beef in Baltimore MD and their first Prototype store in Aberdeen MD, with a third store in the process of opening spring of 2018 in Frederick, MD!!

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Rebranding & Reflagging

  • Rebranding essentially revitalizes the brand’s image, giving it a new look and feel with the goal to sway a customers perception of the product or company. MBB takes the time to refocus the brand and set the company apart from all competitors.
  • There are many other reasons a business might want to present a different brand image. Possibilities include repositioning the company and vision to reflect a change of focus, setting the company apart from its competitors, updating the corporate image to appeal to a new market, expanding the business scope, and reflecting a significant merger or acquisition.
  • In the case that a company wants to present a new image for reputation management, MBB has ability to positively guide a brand to distance themselves from past problems or issues.

Franchise Development

Good franchise programs take work, focus and a commitment to structure. It is strongly recommended that a company considering this transition into franchising consult with professionals in the field of franchise development.

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MBB began managing the Tony Luke’s brand in 2012,  since Tony Luke’s has successfully opened 24 stores and partnered with Goldbelly. Our partnership has allowed Tony Luke’s to start shipping our product all over the United States.

When developing a franchise program for a business entering the franchise industry, there are several essential steps that need to be taken in order to effectively model the franchise concept, protect the franchisor and have a solid, duplicable franchise model. MBB has a team of professional experts who will help take you through each step in building a successful franchise. We at MBB will formulate a specific franchise business plan. Then our team will use our vast knowledge in franchise legal documentation, franchise operation manuals and franchise marketing programs to successfully transition you into the profitable world of branding and franchising.

Franchising programs take focus, knowledge and hard work and MBB has the team to help guide you to franchise success.

MBB provides a successful franchising plan of action:

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  1. Franchise Business Plan: Our team of professionals will develop a sound program for expansion to guide your brand through the first phase of development.
  2. Franchise Legal Documentation: In order to offer franchises in the United States and within most state borders, a Franchise Disclosure Document needs to be created by a franchise attorney based on the standards set forth by the Federal Trade Commission.  MBB will guide you through the complexities encompassed in legal documentation, franchise application packages and the required steps that States will want a new franchise system to go through prior to being permitted to offer a franchise within a state border.
  3. Franchise Operations Manual: As part of the franchise development process, a franchise system should have a fully documented and defined operations system that allows the franchisee to learn the business model and understand the required standards as set forth by the franchisor.  MBB will create all brand specific operation and training manuals that will be used as an effective sales tool for franchise models. 
  4. Franchise Marketing Program: MBB will develop franchise programs that incorporate the marketing element of the franchise process, such as media outlets and lead generation sources, brochures, pamphlets, and fliers to sell the business as an opportunity for potential franchisees.