8 Ways Food Trucks Have Helped the Restaurant Industry

8 Ways Food Trucks Have Helped the Restaurant Industry Adapt to the Pandemic

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The start of the pandemic had restaurants scrambling to find a new way to provide service to their customers. The world changed rather quickly, and learning to adapt has been something that has been at the forefront of every business owner’s mind. Food trucks have helped ease the transition from pre-pandemic times til now. Here are 8 ways food trucks have helped the restaurant industry adapt to the pandemic. 

No Indoor Dining

When the pandemic started, most restaurants were closed down because there was a ban on indoor dining. With social distancing measures in place, restaurant-goers were forced to give up their regular dine-in eating experiences. While this was a hard hit for brick-and-mortar restaurants, this was time for food trucks to shine. 

Food trucks don’t have traditional indoor seating, their customers order their food and take it to go. While some may set up tables, these tables are almost always outside. Since the tables are outside they can be placed far enough apart to appropriately practice social distancing.  

Happy Hour To Go

Food trucks were also great with their happy hour specials. Since many people enjoy going to restaurants during happy hour for an alcoholic drink and a few appetizers, food trucks were able to offer these items. Many creative food truck owners put together to-go happy hour specials that helped them get by. 

Limited Customer Contact With Online Orders

Food trucks already have limited contact with their customers since the customer stands outside of the establishment to place their order. But, most food trucks have also implemented a way for patrons to order their food online through their website. Having the ability to order your food online limits the time that you need to be exposed outside. This way of ordering keeps you safer and gives you more time to explore the menu. Once you place your order, you will only need to be exposed outside just long enough to pick up your order. 

No Contact Delivery

If going to pick up your food at a food truck still sounds too risky, many food trucks also made delivery an option. The same way you order your food online through their website or a third-party website, you can add the option for delivery. With the delivery option, you can choose the no contact option where they will leave it outside of your door. Once they drop off your order you can retrieve the food. The food that you ordered is hot and fresh. This option is great because you never have any contact with another person. 

Provides Service For Essential Workers

Food trucks are mobile, which is great at providing service for people who may be overwhelmed by their jobs. The pandemic put a strain on essential workers. Essential employees such as doctors, nurses, police officers, grocery store workers barely had time to eat, let alone go out and get food. Their hours got longer and their jobs were more intense. Many essential workers had very limited time to eat. When a food truck is brought onsite to a location with many hungry essential workers it is a great way to show them that they are appreciated. It is also a great way for them to get something fresh and delicious into their stomachs!

Offering Pre-Made Meals

Many food trucks have now started to offer pre-made meals and meal kits for their customers to buy. These meals are great for feeding large families and can be bought ahead of time to reduce your exposure to the outside world. For example, if you eat at your local food truck and buy dinner for you and your family, you can pick up a prepped meal or meal kit and have dinner set for tomorrow as well. These meal kits are great when you want a simple solution for dinner without any hassle. 

Bringing Restaurants Into The Neighborhood 

Food trucks aren’t something you think of when you think of residential areas. But with the pandemic, food trucks were a great way to make sure neighborhoods were able to eat. Some families were too nervous to go out into public to get food that they needed, moving food trucks into the neighborhoods gave these people a way to eat. Food trucks that sold fresh fruits and vegetables were great mobile markets that ensured that the community was being fed.

Food Truck Rentals

Food trucks are great for restaurant expansion. You can either buy a food truck or find food trucks for rent for your business. Food truck rentals are a wonderful tool for keeping your business alive in times where brick and mortar shops may close for certain amounts of time. There are many reasons why utilizing a food truck would be beneficial to your restaurant. 

If you are interested in knowing more about using a food truck for your business, reach out to us, MBB Management. We offer food trucks that you can rent out for your business. Our trucks are completely customizable, which essentially makes them a mobile build board truck! You can use our food trucks to promote your restaurant. Add your restaurant logo and name for everyone who drives or walks past see and remember. Put the address of your brick and mortar location for them to check out your physical location and even add your website to gain traffic that way as well. 

MBB Management has the best food trucks for rent. Our trucks come with a 90 inch HD video wall, a 75-inch vertical ultra HD display TV,  A 75-inch horizontal ultra HD rear display TV, a PA system with two wireless microphones each with a 25-foot range. They also have an LED carriage lighting system with multi-selector, two 10 inch outdoor mounted sound systems, two 1080p Logitech webcams with live stream capabilities, and a Bluetooth aux stereo system. And that is just on the outside! Our trucks come with complete interior kitchens that come with an Arctic refrigerator, a holding box, two commercial microwaves, and a commercial oven. Check us out today to get your mobile food plan rolling!

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