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5 Reasons Your Business Needs to be Mobile

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Taking your business on the road is a must for anyone who wants to grow their customer base. While buying your own food truck can be costly, utilizing a food truck rental will cost significantly less. Our promotional food truck rental is the perfect solution to getting your food truck business off the ground without throwing down a significant amount of money.

In this article, we’ll cover five of the biggest reasons your restaurant business needs to be mobile.

Your Business Will be More Flexible

Rather than being stuck in a single brick-and-mortar restaurant, a mobile food truck allows you to be in different places at different times. Having a food truck also makes it easier to transport food from a central food preparation kitchen. A good location for a restaurant will change periodically, so having a restaurant on wheels gives you more wiggle room when it comes to changing locations.

By the way the restaurant climate is shifting, having access to a flexible kitchen makes it easier for you to evolve right alongside the industry. Rather than making your customers drive to a location that may not be close to their home, your mobile restaurant allows you to reach different areas at different times. This way, no person has to drive longer than they want to.

Beyond that, a mobile business gives you way more cost flexibility than a brick-and-mortar restaurant. Utilizing a food truck can save you between 5-10 times more money in startup costs than if you were to open an actual building. That cost is even more if you choose a food truck rental rather than buying your own as well.

You’ll Receive More Exposure

Using a mobile business model for your restaurant is essentially a mobile billboard. Even when you aren’t serving customers, people can still see your business logo and other information. Our fully customizable food truck rental is perfect for getting your name out there.

The comes equipped with a 90 in. ultra HD video wall, two 75 in. ultra HD display TVs, and a sound system to help you with advertising. Along with that, we include microphones and other equipment for you to utilize for other advertising and exposure.

It’s more important now than ever to make sure your business stands out. With our food truck rental, you’re essentially getting your own digital mobile billboard. A digital billboard will surely help your truck stand out as people are more drawn to moving digital images than they would with a static piece of fabric.

Beyond that, your ability to travel from location to location means you reach a larger number of potential customers. This allows you to expand your customer base and a social media following as well.

It Makes the Customer Experience More Fun

Having a mobile food truck gives you ample opportunity to enhance the customer experience within your business. Referring back to flexibility, you get to be more open to marketing projects and customer outreach.

By renting a food truck near you, you can launch marketing campaigns like a “Where’s Waldo?” type of truck hunt or another social media challenge. If you’re solely working from a brick-and-mortar building, it’s harder to execute unique opportunities like these.

Beyond that, a food truck means you can set up shop at a variety of events where you can collaborate with event coordinators to think of something special.

You’re a Part of A Unique Community

Running a mobile business automatically makes you a part of a unique community of other restaurant owners. Beyond that, you also have access to the National Food Truck Association (NFTA), regardless of whether you own your truck or rent it. NFTA is there to help you with all of your food truck-related questions and predicaments.

NFTA is the national association, but most major cities have their own chapter. You can usually find them with a quick Google search or via Facebook Groups.

Although starting a food truck business can be intimidating, accountability and camaraderie groups make the beginning process feel much smoother. Plus, you may meet some of your best friends through these groups too!

You’re Better Equipped to Help Your Local Community

Having a mobile business is extremely beneficial to your local community. Your ability to move from location to location allows you to meet a wide variety of people who live in your area, even in places you wouldn’t normally go. Taking the time to go to these neighborhoods and parts of town that often get overlooked gives you the chance to make a meaningful impact on the residents there.

Beyond that, you build lasting relationships with your customers as you get to know them on a personal level. There’s just something that is so much more intimate in operating a food truck rather than a brick-and-mortar restaurant.

A food truck also gives you more flexibility to take part in community initiatives. If you notice a part of your city struggles with food oppression, you may choose to set up shop there and offer healthy and filling meals for members of that community.

Food Truck Rental Near Me

So you’ve learned all the reasons your restaurant business needs to be mobile and now you need to know where to find a food truck rental near you. If you’re in the South Jersey or Philadelphia area, MBB is happy to serve your food truck rental needs. If you’re out of the area, there are a few tips we can share to help you find a good rental service:

  • Google “food truck rental near me.” Doing this will give you all of your local options. Create a list of different companies to look at and then you can narrow it down as you learn about each one.
  • Check customer reviews. If a company has any customer reviews, don’t hesitate to check them out. Reading about others’ experiences will help you get a feel for how the rental company operates.
  • Check out local groups. Local food truck association groups can help you find a good rental company to get your truck from. They may also give you some insight on who to avoid as well.

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