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Staff Training Will Make or Break Your Restaurant!


When we open a new Store for any of our clients, nothing goes as planned. Even if it is a client that we have opened many stores for, there is always something different or downright bizarre. The opening of the Tony Luke’s in Mayfair was no different. We typically train all of the employees in 1 or 2 sessions each day. If we only run 1 session the trainings usually run smoother, because we’ll train for 7-8 hours each day. That way there is more repetition for employees to “get it.” Typical store openings have 18-22 employees for us to train, but not Mayfair. We started the training with 5 employees. 5 days later we added another 10, and the day before opening yet another 2.

History & Culture for a Tony Luke’s is just as important as knowing how to make a sandwich, and typically that training takes place on the 1st day and lasts for the whole day. With Mayfair, we had to do 3 culture trainings. Each Culture class for this store opening got shorter and shorter. The last class for the 2 employees lasted just over an hour.

While trainings get to be repetitious for us, they are rewarding in the end when the store finally opens and is running smooth.


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