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How Protein Push Back Affects Your Menu

What does animal protein mean to your menu?

The price of meat has been on the rise for the past year, and it doesn’t look like prices will drop anytime soon. There has already been push backs from the market. Customers don’t want to spend big bucks for ‘just a burger’, but unfortunately menu prices are rising with beef prices. The ways around rising prices are unfavorable but possible, like using lesser-quality products or reducing portion sizes.

Plant-based protein alternatives are on the rise because of its costs and appeal to a growing consumer segment.

Veggie burgers aren’t just for vegetarians anymore, health-conscious, environmentally-conscious and price-conscious consumers are making a switch from the pricy beef burger to the just-as-filling black bean and quinoa burger.

If you raise menu prices or reduce portions, it is important to remember to serve your market. If a tofu burrito isn’t going to sell to your customers, a low-fat (and lower cost) turkey or chicken option may suffice. Taco Bell has seen the benefits of cutting meat and adding vegetables with its Cantina Menu. Avocado and black beans accompanying grilled chicken or steak and are sold as high protein and big flavor.

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