Philadelphia Police Department Customer Service Education - MBB Management

Philadelphia Police Department Customer Service Education


As the fourth largest Police Department in the country, the Philadelphia Police Department protects and serves 1.5 million residents. Dedicated to providing quality service and fighting crime they keep our communities clean and safe. As the force continues to grow, well over six thousand members, the Police Department wanted to focus more closely on providing higher quality service to their deserving citizens. To take their customer service to the next level the Philadelphia Police Department hired Mbb Management:

  • MBB found trends of complaints that directly correlated to the lack of acknowledgement between the officers and residents.
  • The officers lacked the customer service training that would enable them to provide legendary service to the residents of Philadelphia.
  • The districts with the highest amount of complaints all showed substandard service areas.


  • Enhance the customer service skills at each department’s district “window” in order to be nationally recognized as the leader in pioneering a customer service revolution in law enforcement.


Based on MBB’s observations, we chose to enhance the way the Philadelphia Police Department is perceived and the overall customer service experience in each district. With the years of experience that MBB has to offer, the team formulated an educational approach to improve the Philadelphia Police Department’s customer service interaction skills.

  • MBB analyzed all accessible complaints to identify the specific issues in question.
  • MBB created a hospitality based training program, which included the following:
    • Educational customer service presentation
    • Strategic role playing
    • Steps of service
    • Immediate acknowledgement training
  • The Hospitality training program was designed to educate the officers on how to properly interact with the customers.
  • Proposed a lobby redesign to provide a more welcoming experience for customers who walk into the districts and away to contact each districts captains for both complements    and complaints.
  • MBB created methods by which the officers can gauge the level of progress, such as the following:
    • Customer service satisfaction surveys
    • Monthly secrete shopper visits per district


After MBB carefully analyzed all the data received from the Philadelphia Police department we were strategically able to implement the programs into a learning environment for each officer. At the end of the program over 200 sergeants, corporals, and lieutenants went through the course enhancing their customer service skills. The methods created to gauge the level of progress in each district has resulted in unceasing improvement in the officer’s customer service skills and has ultimately lowered the number of complaints for each precinct.