MBB Feeds Over 300 of Philly's Finest Police Officers at the DNC

MBB Feeds Over 300 of Philly’s Finest Police Officers at the DNC

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Police officers in Philadelphia are working nonstop to keep things safe around the Democratic National Convention activities this week leading into Wednesday’s marquee event at the Wells Fargo Center in South Philadelphia. All this activity is sure to leave these brave officers exhausted and very hungry.

MBB Management realized this and will be feeding over 300 of Philly’s finest Police Officers on Wednesday, July 27th. We thought, what better way to show our appreciation to the Philly PD than with delicious homemade hoagies made with fresh Liscio’s Bakery rolls! It will be our pleasure donating our time and food as they work tirelessly during the DNC.

MBB Management is proud for the opportunity to honor and show appreciation to the fine men and women of Philadelphia PD for all the hard work they do day in and day out. Especially, this week while making sure everyone is protected and enjoys themselves in our great city during the Democratic National Convention.

“The police department is going to be working around the clock, with little or no time to eat,” said John of MBB Management. “Seeing that, we wanted to do something about it. A simple lunch can help them carry on and help them focus on what they do best, which is protect us.”

“It’s our hope that the Officers feel supported during the long, hot days and we hope this helps.” said John Moser, President of MBB Management.

There’s often a lot of negativity that swirls around police, and MBB wants to show how much they and the community cares.and how much positive sentiment there is for the work Philadelphia cops are doing.

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  1. Klc says:

    Thanks. The meal was great!

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