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10 Most Common Mistakes When Franchising Your Business

Mistakes When Franchising

Franchising your business is a great way to expand your business and make more money, but not every business is meant to be franchised. Your business model must easily be replicable and your brand must be strong enough to bring in the customers for all your franchisees.

There are also a lot of other factors that go into franchising your business. Check out these 10 most common mistakes when franchising your business:

1. Giving too much leeway when it comes to site selection

One common mistake new franchisors make is giving their franchisees to much leeway when it comes to the site selection process.

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6 Reasons Why Multi-Unit Franchises Are Smarter Than Single-Unit Franchises

When you go into the franchise business, one of the big decisions you will have to make besides what type of franchise to join is whether to invest in single-unit franchises or multi-unit franchises. While multi-unit franchises require more money and more work upfront in the long run they can give you a better, faster return on your investment.

First, it is important to understand what multi-unit versus single-unit means. Multi-unit franchises are when a franchisee purchased the rights to develop and multiple units in a particular territory.

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5 Must-know Things to Consider Before Hiring a Franchise Consulting Company

Franchise consulting can be a big help whether you are franchising your business for the first time or if you are already franchising and are simply looking to recruit new franchisees.

Not every franchise consulting company offers the same services so make sure you research exactly what services a particular franchise consulting comany can provide. Common franchise consulting services include development of new franchise programs, assistance with legal documentation as well as the development of all operations and training documentation and strategic planning to grow your franchise business.

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4 Surefire Ways Restaurant Consulting Can Help You Franchise Your Restaurant

You have put your heart and soul into your restaurant, painstakingly growing it from a just an idea in your head to a thriving business concept. If you are now considering franchising your restaurant to help your brand grow even more, there are a lot of things you need to consider.

Is your restaurant model a good fit for franchising? Do you really want to be removed from daily operations? Is there enough customer potential to warrant the expansion into new territories?

Luckily, hiring a consultant company who specializes in restaurant consulting can help you franchise your restaurant in a smart, effective way.

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Top 8 Qualities to Look for in a Hospitality Employee

The hospitality industry is booming so there is an increasing need for skilled hospitality employees. The customer is always the central focus for the hospitality employee so they really need to be passionate about giving the ultimate customer experience.

Finding the perfect employees can be challenging for your restaurant, hotel or resort, but there are certain qualities you should always look for. Here are the top 8 qualities to look for in a hospitality employee:

1. Total Commitment

Hospitality work can feel like a thankless job, with the long hours, hard work, and dealing with difficult customers, so you want staff who are truly committed and passionate about providing the best customer experience possible.

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9 Smart Tips for Restaurant Expansion

Now that your restaurant is doing really well, you are probably anxious to capitalize on that success to help your business grow. New locations and possible franchise deals are probably the first ideas that come to mind, and they are important, but there are also other paths to expansion that may not require as much money.

Keep your mind open to a lot of creative possibilities and find the strategies that will work best for you. Here are 9 smart tips for restaurant expansion:

1. Go to the Experts First

To make sure you are headed in the right direction with your expansion strategies, you should get the advice of those who have been in the restaurant business a lot longer than you have.

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How Can Franchise Consultants Help My Franchise

A lot of success can be found in the franchise business if you know how to do it right. Besides having a good concept and financial stability, having the right resources at your fingertips is crucial if you want to make your franchise a household name.

One important but often underestimated resource is having a franchise consultant on your team of advisors. Whether you are a franchisee or a franchisor, a franchise consultant can help you grow your business more efficiently.

If you are a potential franchisee, then a franchise consultant can help you pick the best franchise to join.

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4 Reasons MBB Management Franchise Consulting Can Help You Grow Your Franchise

Hospitality Philadelphia

Whether your dream is to own your own franchise unit or to become a franchisor, making it a reality takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Having the right resources and support structure doesn’t hurt either. No one said you have to do all this on your own.

A franchise consulting company like MBB Management can help you make your dreams a reality. As the top franchise consulting firm in Philadelphia they work with local restaurants like Zac’s Burgers, national ones’ like Famous Chaps Pit Beef and international ones like Tony Lukes, helping them reach their full potential.

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Are Food Franchises and College Campuses a Perfect Match?

franchising your business

Finding the best the location of your food franchise is probably one of the biggest decision you will make as a new franchise owner. Where you lay down roots in the community can really make you or break you, so it is not a decision to take lightly. If you live in a big college town, then it has probably crossed your mind the idea of setting up shop on a college campus, but is that the smart choice? Are food franchises and college campuses a perfect match?

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Franchise Spotlight: How Papa John’s Grew One Store to Over 4,000

One of the biggest franchise success stories has been Papa John’s Pizzeria. Today, it is a well-known brand worldwide with over 4,000 locations and a market capitalization over $2 billion, but it started like all franchises do with just one store and a dream.

For John Schnatter, the founder and CEO of Papa John’s, it all started with a passion for pizza. In high school, he earned spending money by working at Rocky’s, a pizza and sub shop near where he grew up in Jeffersonville, Indiana.

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