Why MBB is the Top Franchise Consulting Firm in Philadelphia

Why MBB is the Top Franchise Consulting Firm in Philadelphia

Why MBB is the Top Franchise Consulting Firm in Philadelphia

You have a dream of creating something bigger than yourself, and you have poured a lot of blood, sweat and tears into your dream already. Whether your dream is to own your own franchise unit or to become a franchisor, don’t feel like you have to go at it all alone.

If you are looking to get into the franchise business, then you will want to make sure you do your homework. It is a big decision and you don’t want to take it lightly. Why not consider hiring a franchise consulting company like MBB in Philadelphia to help you?

As the top franchise consulting firm in Philadelphia they work with local restaurants like Zac’s Burgers, national ones’ like Famous Chaps Pit Beef and international ones like Tony Lukes, helping them reach their full potential. And they can help you too.

Why hire a franchise consultant?

Franchise consultants can help both franchisees and franchisors. If you are a potential franchisee, then a franchise consultant can help you pick the best franchise to join. They will help you go over your finances and make a good list of what you are looking for in a franchise business. They can also help you with all the legal paperwork. They should be able to steer you away from franchises that are not a good fit for you. Because they know the industry so well, they will be able to connect you to so many more potential franchisors then you could on your own.

You do have to be careful though if they are being paid for by the franchises. If you are getting their services for free and the consultant earns a commission from the franchise you buy into, it can be problematic if you are not careful. You need to make sure they are not going to push a franchise on you just to make a sale. You want to make sure they have your best interests at heart. It is always a good idea to ask for referrals so you can see what other clients have said about their experiences with this consultant. Also, do some digging on your own.

Of course if you are going to pay for the consultant’s services, then you will want to make sure this is definitely what you want before you sign a contract. You don’t want to pay for a consultant if you are not hundred percent sure this is the path you want to take.

Business owners looking to become a franchisor can also benefit from the services of a franchise consultant. If you are a business owner looking to franchise your business, a franchise consultant can help you every step of the way, from everything from writing up the franchise agreements to marketing materials. They can also help you recruit potential franchisees. If you have never been a franchisor before, it helps to have the experts backing you up.

Why Choose MBB?

As a franchise consulting company in Philadelphia, MBB Management specializes in bringing you the best tools and expert advisors to provide a solid path to success. They work primarily with restaurants looking to expand their business through becoming a franchisor. Your one location should already have been proven successful before considering franchising it. MBB Management also works with restaurants who are already franchisors, but who are looking to improve their system. Consultants can aid you in hiring personnel as well as increasing efficiency and quality and boosting up franchise sales.

Some of the services MBB Management offers you include franchise development for new franchise programs, strategic planning for franchise growth as well as help with all the legal documentation involved. They also offer assistance with developing operations and training documentation and franchisee recruitment marketing strategies.

MBB Management also works with other businesses looking to franchise as well, including manufacturers, dealers and distributors. For existing franchisors, services include franchise system best practices and benchmarking and organizational audits, improved franchisee support systems and franchise sales coaching.

Other services include brand development, name and logo selection and design and due diligence assistance for mergers and acquisitions.

MBB Management first made a name for itself in hospitality management, but now also offers franchise consulting and restaurant consulting services as well.

Their restaurant consulting services include franchise development, but also so much more. Even if you are not looking for more locations right now, but are hoping to grow your restaurant in other ways or even if you are just starting out with your first restaurant, MBB Management can help.

MBB’s experienced restaurant consultants can help re-teach your staff basic restaurant techniques and help you streamline processes both in the kitchen and in the dining room. Some of their restaurant consulting services include menu design, staff training and food distribution. They can also help you find the right balance between quality service and cost so that you don’t lose customers over poor quality dishes just to save money.

Every successful restaurant needs a good chef and if you are more into the business side of things than the culinary arts, you might be worried about being able to pick the right person for your restaurant. That is where MBB comes in. They can take care of the whole recruitment, hiring process for you.

If you have always wondered how to get into the concession business, MBB can help you there too. MBB consultants can work with you on on-site evaluations, facility design and profitability analysis to see if it is a worthwhile investment to make.

They can also assist with filling other important positions like the general manager. If you don’t want to be a hands-on type of restaurant owner, then you will want to hire a general manager that you can trust to run the day-to-day business details for you.

MBB also offers inventory services as well. Nothing is worse than running out of prime ingredients during the dinner rush. Learn how to better keep your inventory well-stocked and how not to waste food.

Overall, the knowledgeable and experienced staff at MBB Management can provide you with hands-on consulting to help you grow your restaurant by pinpointing the areas that you most need support. If you are considering a franchise consulting company in Philadelphia then consider MBB Management.

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