How to Turn a Maybe into a Yes - MBB Management


“You can’t turn a no into a yes without a maybe in between.”
-Frank Underwood   President of the United States
House of Cards

So “maybe” isn’t no, that’s good, right?!

Maybe can sound suspiciously like no. How to turn a maybe into a yes?

Well, a “no” means that a “yes” is possible….

There will be plenty of times when the answer will be no. For most people, that no is the end of it. In the hospitality management business, a no can open up ample opportunity. Studies show that the average customer says no five times before saying yes.

One way to get that yes is to address want vs need. Your potential customer may feel like they want your service but they don’t need it.

Pointing out the reasons they can profit from your services is the best way to get in the need column, and get your yes.

Another way is to demonstrate your value. Keeping costs down is always important to every business today. So making an a la carte pricing structure is helpful to deliver value to your customer. It can really make the difference between a potential customer and  a  life long customer.

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