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Do Hotel Bathrooms Really Need to Evolve?

We as hotel industry leaders need to determine how bathrooms might evolve over the next several years. Designers need to get in touch with their tech side and start conceptualizing High Tech bathrooms.  Some futuristic differentiators that could be become the new status symbols for the guest bath include:  toilet height and temperature settings that automatically adjust to preset preferences, data collection points that help monitor health and physical conditioning and smart mirrors that stream personalized content for guests.

Hotel Designers will create a transition from the bathroom as a place for “me time” to a space for inner growth. They will leverage the therapeutic benefits of virtual realities that can transform the space into a yoga studio or spa as well as programs that can be programmed to align with the guest’s biological clock.

For most hotel guests the bathroom is a sanctuary: one of the most important rooms in the hotel. A High Tech bathroom can add significant appeal to your hotel and it’s a great way to keep them coming back.

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