How Do You Define Happiness? - MBB Management

Happiness…easy?…..I think not, or maybe it is…….

How do you even define happiness? The absence of stress? That feels like my definition. In reality stress can elicit action, motivate and compel you and even save your life. So why crave a stress free life? Well, because I’m so stressed out , that’s why. Someone wise once told me to “handle my personal problems like a business problem”. Meaning, to take my emotions out of the equation and just get it done.

It takes about 90 seconds for a wave of emotion to pass through us. Anyone who has had a panic attack can attest to the fact that 90 seconds can seem more  like an hour.  If emotional pain is so quick to pass through us, then why do so many people suffer for years or a lifetime? Your mind is so powerful, don’t let it control your whole life. You have to get your mind working for you. The answer here is, Positivity. If you are sending out only negative energy then that’s all you’ll get back. So remember positive is the way to go.

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