Digital Ordering Engine VS Cloud POS - MBB Management

Digital Ordering Engine VS Cloud POS


Digital ordering is largely growing.

It allows the customers to be able to pay in advance from their own devices. It has been predicted that digital ordering is going to be the main ‘go to’ within five years. During this technological transformation, it is important that the restaurant technologists completely understand the differences between both systems.

Access to the internet has become more reliable, quicker, and widespread. While this is happening, the majority of POS providers have changed their transaction processing to the cloud. Moving POS to the cloud is different from enabling digital ordering for customers. The fairly new wave of cloud POS means that the POS provider can start a cloud endpoint, where a digital ordering engine can interface instead of an ending point ‘in store’.  

The two systems will have to interact with each other. The main question is when shipping orders from the cloud to the store and then back to the menu on the cloud menu. No matter which process you decide to use, there are three major points: user experience, store operations and system administration.

On top of all the behind the scene processes, it is also about making the overall process as smooth as possible.

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