How MBB Helped Chaps Pit Beef Start Franchising for Success

How MBB Helped Chaps Pit Beef Start Franchising for Success

To franchise or not to franchise. This is a big question that restaurant owners face when they start to make a name for themselves in their original location.

Franchising is a great way to grow your brand and expand to new locations without having to do it all on your own, but unfortunately, not every successful restaurant makes a successful franchise.

MBB Management, a franchising consulting firm based in Philadelphia, works closely with a lot of fast casual restaurant businesses including Chaps Pit Beef, Tony Luke’s, and DoDo Edible Cookie Dough & Ice Cream to help them find franchising success.

Recently John Moser, founder and chief executive officer of MBB Management, shared how his company helped Chaps Pit Beef start franchising for success.

According to Moser, a big factor in finding franchising success is the time and effort put into preparing what you will offer any prospective franchisee.

MBB Management helped Chaps Pit Beef create their brands standards manual (the instruction booklet on the how, where and when the brand should be used), the prototype store including layout and décor, as well as buildup of their social media presence and their website.

Moser and his team also worked with Bob and Donna Creager, the owners of Chaps Pit Beef, to compile all their recipes to make build cards for their specialty sandwiches.

“We structured their franchise system so when Chaps Pit Beef started to sell to prospective clients, it was very organized and functional right from the start,” Moser said.

Another key ingredient for success that Chaps Pit Beef has is its ability to stand out among the all the barbecue competition out there. Unlike at other barbecue restaurants, all meats are cooked over a charcoal flame kept burning in a custom pit until they are the right tenderness with the perfect hint of char.

Moser added, “Chaps Pit Beef does barbecue like no one else which allows them a niche. It is an incredibly unique offering.”

At Chaps Pit Beef, all the dishes are made from scratch with the freshest ingredients. Besides its special proprietary spice rub, Chaps also puts its own personal twist on every day food items making their signature dishes impossible to replicate.

What also attracts a lot of franchisees to Chaps Pit Beef is that the procurement of the brand is not proprietary like it is with other franchises like McDonald’s. Moser explained that only the way the food is cooked and the seasoning are proprietary which means franchisees don’t have to buy their meat and other ingredients straight from the franchisor.

As long you use a USDA cut of meat, it can come from anywhere even your local butcher shop. Moser said it gives you as the franchisee latitude to run an efficient shop.

Another factor in Chaps Pit Beef’s favor is that its price point is perfect for the fast casual industry which continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Chaps Pit Beef has found great success with new franchise locations in the Maryland and Delaware areas and is looking to expand further along the East Coast.

Moser said the MBB Management will continue to work with Chaps Pit Beef on collective buying to lower costs as well as a new labor model to reduce the number of employees needed for each location. They also have plans for a new innovative menu that will still fit the brand.

Considering franchising like Chaps Pit Beef? Hiring a franchise consultant company like MBB Management can help you do it in a smart, effective way. Here are ways they can help.

Streamline All Your Processes

To be a successful franchisor, your restaurant model needs to easily be replicable by all your franchisees. A restaurant consulting company like MBB Management can help you streamline all the different areas of your business.

Offer Expert Advice to Guide You

A restaurant consulting firm can offer you the expertise and services of experts in the food service industry in all aspects of establishing yourself as a franchisor, from creating your franchise model to the extra personnel recruitment and training and marketing strategies needed to promote your new endeavor.

Recommend What Legal Safeguards to Have in Place

As you begin to establish financial relationships with your franchisees, you will want to make sure that the contract between you and any franchisee is legally sound and has the right safeguards to ensure that your assets are protected just in case a franchisee fails.

Help Grow Your Brand Nationally & Internationally

Franchisees want to join a strong brand that will bring a lot customers in their door right from the beginning. By having a restaurant consultant on your side, you will have the benefit of all the best strategies to grow your brand through sales and marketing and establishing a strong social media presence.

Consider MBB Management as your restaurant consultant?

As a restaurant consulting company in Philadelphia, MBB Management specializes in bringing you the best tools and expert knowledge to help you achieve maximum success and growth.

Their restaurant consulting services are great whether you are just getting ready to open your first shop or you have been running your business for some time already. Your experienced consultants will help with training and retraining staff on basic restaurant techniques and help make sure your operations are running as smoothly as possible. They even help with menu creation and design and marketing strategies.

They can also help with food distribution and inventory so that you are never running out of prime ingredients, but also keeping waste to a minimum as well. The success of any restaurant is finding that right balance between quality food and service and cost. You want to keep your customers coming back for more.

MBB Management can also help you with restaurant management and recruiting prime positions like your chef and general manager. And if you don’t want to be involved in the daily operations of your restaurant, MBB can stand in as an asset manager, managing your general manager and executive chef.

Your chef and general manager will be the ones who carry out your vision and help you achieve your goals. MBB Management can take care of the whole recruitment, hiring process for you so you can feel confident that you have the right people running your restaurant.

Call or message MBB Management today for an initial consultation and take your first steps to franchising your restaurant.

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