Brand Development and Customer Loyalty

Brand Development and Customer Loyalty

How is my brand perceived in the market? This is an essential question that as a franchise owner you must ask yourself. Put simply, brand development = customer loyalty.

Job one is defining your brand. How do you stand out to your target audience? How are you different from the competition? Is your brand fun and energetic, or are you all business and serious? Defining your brand sets out who you are, why you’re different , what you offer that’s unique and what you promise.

Once you define your brand, then you must employ a purposeful strategy to develop your brand. Marketing, advertising,website content and communication are the bricks that lay a strong brand development house. Great brands start with great ideas. Embrace what makes you different to become a leader in your market.

Marketing and advertising often hold hands in the business world. While marketing targets your audience and communicates the value and advertising catches the eye of the consumer to persuade them, you can’t have one without the other.

This is where creativity is king. Know your audience and go to where they are. Use social media as an interesting way to tell your story. Getting to the core of what makes your brand different is the best way to tell your unique story. At MBB we enjoy the process and that makes all the difference. We know the business and we are driven by our passion, tireless focus, and bold creativity.

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