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A Glimpse….

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This week was a very hectic one to say the least but it brought with it a very large learning experience. The one attribute of mine that has been weighing down my full potential is the dreaded word “PROCRASTINATION.”

Now everyone procrastinates in their life time, whether it is at work or home or just in their daily activities, but for me, I have procrastinated in every aspect of my life but I always hit my deadlines. This week was no different when it came to hitting my deadline but it is the first time that my body and mind didn’t follow.

This week was filled with a lot of stress, not that every other week isn’t, but this week was harder than any other. I was in the process of moving out of my house, finishing up work for our client Fat Louie’s, and on top of that, helping our team with organizing information for a very large deal that will help this company rise to the top.

All the items mentioned above sound very exciting and to be honest with you, they are, but not when you procrastinate. I was able to finish the move, finish the project for Fat Louie’s and complete all the paperwork needed for the deal, only one thing was not finished, my body.

The beautiful thing about working in consulting is the ability to work with many different clients and learn many different things, and one of those things is learning how to grow.

The lesson that I have learned this week more than any other week is Time Management. If you want to be successful you need to manage your time intelligently. This doesn’t mean that you can’t get your work done and finish your projects but it does mean that you won’t enjoy the process as much as you could. Time Management is something that is preached day in and day out from all successful individuals and you never understand it until it affects you in more than your work.

Take the time to organize yourself and stay ahead of your work and I promise that you will notice, not just more productivity in your work, but a better all around feeling in your life.

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