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7 Steps to the Perfect Grand Opening

1. Optimal Time

This could be a time of day or day of the week. If you are a business catering towards families, a weekend during the afternoon would allow the most participation from your potential customers.

2. Promote

Promote internally through your available channels, externally through the press.

3. Find a Hook

Live music, giveaways and celebrity appearances bring crowds! Customers won’t come unless there’s something in it for them.

4. Cross Promote

Don’t forget to invite nearby businesses or offices! Drop off samples and leave some promotional collateral behind. Allow a local business to participate in your celebration if they can help draw a crowd and simultaneously promote their own business without competing with yours.

5. Staff up!

You want to be running at 100% before inviting customers into your business, first impressions are everything.

6. Dry Run

A friends and family night can expose holes in your operation not noticed during training.

7. Post the Event

Send out a press release recapping the event, post pictures on your website, post a thank you on your Facebook page – make sure the community knows you are open for business and turn those first customers into repeat customers.

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