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5 Ways Gratitude Can Help Your Business

In this dog eat dog world, it seems like most people are “adopting the every man for himself” philosophy, but as a business owner that kind of attitude will actually hurt your business more than you realize. Studies have actually shown that companies who instill a culture of gratitude at their business are more successful than their counterparts.  “Thank You” are surprisingly two very powerful words.

On a personal level, feeling appreciated by your boss and feeling grateful for your job actually releases dopamine in your hypothalamus and helps us feel happier, less stressed and more productive. On a company level, this translates to a workforce who wants to work harder for you. Practicing gratitude will help you be the true leader you were meant to be.

Here are five ways gratitude can help your business:

Less Missed Time from Work

Our mental health is closely connected to our physical health so it goes without saying that when we are less stressed and happier, we will suffer from less illnesses which means less sick days away from work. Plus because an employee feels appreciated by his boss and colleagues he will not want to take too much time off. If you are noticing a high call out rate at your place, then this might be a symptom of a bigger problem: a staff that feels overworked and underappreciated.

Helps You Be Seen as a Strong Leader

If you as the leader of your company set the tone of showing gratitude to each other, then everyone else will quickly follow. It is all in the little details. Make sure you give a sincere “please” and “thank you” when you request something from any of your employees and take time during company meetings to show gratitude for their hard work. If morale is particularly low hold a retreat specifically to get at the root of any frustrations or hurt feelings some of your employees may be harboring. By doing this consistently soon you will see a transformation take place. Your employees will respect you more as their leader and will want to make you proud of their accomplishments. They will also want to model your behavior.

Helps Build a Stronger Team Mentality

Teamwork is the cornerstone of any successful business. When your employees feel like they all share the same values and have the same goals and that they are all instrumental to the success of the business, it will be easier for them to work together and will improve morale.

Promotes Higher Satisfaction among Employees

A higher satisfaction rate among employees turns into a lower turnover rate which is certainly something tangible you can appreciate. When your staff loves to come to work every day and feel inspired by you as their leader, they are going to feel anxious to move onto to a new job. When everyone treats each other with the respect they deserve the workplace is such a more inviting place to be.

Creates More Revenue

You are probably asking yourself how gratitude can translate into dollars and cents. While it is actually quite simple.  With less of employee turnover and fewer employees calling out sick, and everyone working towards their highest potential, there will be an increase in productivity which of course means more sales.

Creates Opportunities for Expansion

Think about it. When you have a staff you can trust, that work well together, it makes any type of expansion easier. You will feel a lot more confident giving employees more responsibilities and expanded roles when you have a strong relationship with them.

Ways to Create a Culture of Gratitude

Well now that you can appreciate how gratitude can really be good for business’s bottom line, the next step is create that culture of gratitude. Luckily it is a lot easier to do than you might think. Besides, the obvious, saying “please” and “thank you” when making requests, here are some other ways you can show gratitude to your staff:

  • Make it more than words. While saying how grateful you are is always nice, your employees will appreciate it more if you actually show them your gratitude with bonuses or raises, paid days off or even small gift cards for a project well done.
  • Create an Annual Retreat. A retreat is a wonderful team-building experience where everyone can get together and enjoy time with one another with all the pressure of the daily grind. It is the perfect time to set goals for the new year and to brainstorm on ways to do things even better. Your employees will also appreciate the time and money you devote to them to help them be the best that they can be.
  • If you don’t already have one, create an employee newsletter where you keep everyone abreast of everything happening in the company, but also where you recognize those employees who go above and beyond in their daily duties.
  • Stay humble and always give credit where credit is due. While you may be the head honcho. Your successes depend upon the skill and hard work of your employees so make it clear that you are aware and appreciative of the fact.
  • Help your employees advance their careers. When you act as mentor and not just boss and offer them opportunities to grow in their skills and work experience and give them plenty of opportunities to move up the ladder, you are showing that you truly care and want them to be happy.
  • Don’t micromanage. Trust them to get the job done well and on time. Let them be flexible in their hours or allow them to work certain days from how. By giving them some free rein, you are showing how much you truly appreciate everything they do for you.

Once you as the owner of the company show that it is safe and normal to show gratitude in your daily interactions in the workplace, you will see other employees following suit. Soon everyone will be showing each other gratitude and it will become a companywide phenomenon.Want to learn more about how gratitude can help your business, contact MBB Management today.

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