Digital Campaigns That Have Made an Impact on Business Growth

4 Examples of Effective Digital Campaigns That Have Made an Impact on Business Growth

effective digital billboard campaigns

Digital campaigns are a great way to reach and target your key audience. Once you have captured a potential customer, your growth will climb because most people use social media to rate and review the brands that they love. Examples of effective digital campaigns that have made an impact on business growth can be found in the article below. Read along with us as we look at the key points to look at when growing your business in 2023.

Know Your Audience 

When you have a business you must know who your target audience is. You would not go to a classroom full of middle school students and try to sell Diamond rings. For one, they are young and broke and diamonds are expensive, so they would not even be able to afford them in the first place. Secondly, they don’t need diamonds, nor are they interested. If you are looking to sell Diamond rings, you need to find the audience who wants them, your target would be people who are about to get married. 

When you know your audience you have a better chance at completing a sale. Using digital marketing is a great way to reach your niche audience because you can use the information that you know to be true about your audience to find them. As an entrepreneur, it is your job to solve their needs. If a groom-to-be needs a wedding ring, your purpose is to provide rings that he can afford and love for his new bride.

A perfect example of a business knowing its audience is Tiffany & Co. with over 20 million followers on all of their major social media platforms, they used their digital presence to their advantage. They created an engagement ring finder app that completely changes the game for ring shopping. They use their elite status to create social media posts that are works of art and capture the breathtaking beauty of their jewelry.

Be Strategic

When it comes to building your brand and keeping it modern and unique, it helps to be strategic. Having a bold business plan that outlines everything that you wish to accomplish will help you implement your plan and stay on track. A business that uses a plan and follows through is far more likely to succeed. Success is everything when running a business, without it, you will lose valuable time and money. 

Nike is a great example of a strategic brand. They are the number one shoe seller in North America. They not only use their social media presence to sell shoes, but they also use it to create an emotional response. Each of their commercials, ads, and posts make you feel like you can be anything that you want to be. They use large influencers in their campaigns that each customer looks up to. Their strategy is to make you think that if you wear their shoes, you too can be the next big star. 

Hold Your Customers Attention

Once you have your customer’s attention and business it is important that you hold their attention and make them repeat customers. Customer retention is just as important as gaining new customers. Returning customers are more likely to leave positive feedback and reviews. You want to use your media presence to update them regularly on new items, updates, and changes to the company. Use new faces that are recognizable by your audience to keep them engaged and follow through with the things that you say the company is going to do. Implement an email strategy for customers to keep your name relevant. Follow up with customers and always have open communication. 

Taco Bell is a great company to think of when talking about holding customer attention. They use their digital presence in every step of their marketing strategy. They send emails offering discounts, when they have a new menu item, and when they just have an update. They offer commercials promoting their products and add new items often. They listen to their audience when they dislike a choice they make, and change it back to please their audience. For example, when Taco Bell discontinued their potatoes, vegetarians widely disagreed and complained. Not only did they bring back the potatoes, but they also created more vegetarian options. They go above and beyond to please their customers every step of the way. This creates repeat customers and keeps their attention, having them curious about what is next.

Don’t Over Complicate Your Marketing

When you are creating effective digital billboard campaigns you don’t want to overcomplicate it. You want everything to be comprehensive and easy to read. Sometimes less is more when using a mobile billboard to market your business. A simple logo, slogan, and a way to reach out to the business are all that is needed. No extra fluff and filler to make it look fuller will help your brand. People react to simple digital billboards that show them what and why.

Jack in the Box is a great example of a restaurant that used a mobile billboard in the form of its food truck. The well-known fast-food company used food trucks as a way to get out into the community. They used their well-known character as the main design on the truck because he is the most widely recognized by their brand. They added a series of sandwiches to their in-store menus called the food truck series which helped link the two together.  If you have a restaurant that you would like to expand, reach out to us at MBB Management. We know the ins and outs of digital marketing and can help you get started in expanding your brand. We have a digital billboard food truck that you can rent out and explore the world of mobile dining. We would love to talk with you today about taking your restaurant to a new level. 

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