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The Effects of a Brand Refresh for Zac’s Burgers


Zac’s Hamburgers, a family owned and operated business, has been serving their exceptional made to order hamburgers to the Delaware County since 1984. Fast forward thirty years, Zac’s Hamburgers noticed a concerning sales trend throughout their stores. Their next step was what any savvy business owner would do, bring on consultants for challenges exceeding their own skillset. Here is a list of major challenges discovered by MBB:

  • Complete Brand Refresh
  • Develop Licensing Agreement Documents
  • Create Larger Community and Social Media Presence
  • Create Marketing Program for Lead Generation


Full exposure of Zac’s Hamburgers as a not only a brand, but also as a licensable model.


First and foremost, the initial focus is on refreshing the brand and reconciling all social media and website presence for maximum brand consistency. After cleaning up all of the brand image the next step was to push the selling of licenses, not just brick and mortar stores, but also their new food truck concept simply called “The Zac’s Burger Bus”. A strategic plan was set up to not only keep The Zac’s Hamburgers brand prominent, but also expand into new markets. Here is a list of the services used to reach the solution:

  • Brand Standards and Policy Creation
  • Graphic Design and Social Media Planning
  • Lead Generation Tactics
  • Vendor and Food Service Relationships
  • Licensing Attorney Referral
  • Creation and Design of “The Burger Bus” Concept


Our team refreshed the Zac’s Hamburgers brand by implementing new standards along with creating brand consistency throughout their website and social media presence. All of this solidified and increased Zac’s Hamburgers brand awareness to help generate leads for future licensees. With Our teams vendor and food service relationships, MBB was able to slot Zac’s Hamburgers into Lincoln Financial Field, Home of The Philadelphia Eagles.