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Ways to Use Menu Design to Boost Restaurant Sales

menu design

Menus are the most common way restaurants communicate their offers to customers. Boosting sales for your restaurant can be done in many ways, both in selling a larger number of customers and by selling your most profitable items first. We are here to provide a guide to how to use your restaurants printed, online, and board menus to better boost your restaurant sales using simple menu design.

Why Menu Design?

You’ve already decided on a menu your customers will like and an atmosphere that best attracts people and makes them feel at ease.

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The 5 Most Popular Restaurant Point of Sale Systems

restaurant POS

A good point of sale system is essential for your restaurant. While it may not be visible to customers the computer system provides communication and ease of use to your workers, and communication is where customer issues start to arise. This article discusses a few of the most popular restaurant point of system, or POS, available on the market today and there advantages.

The Purpose of a POS System

A restaurant POS can serve many roles depending on what you need. Some POS systems extend well beyond the ability to place orders and manage inventory, payroll, and many other processes that make a worker and manager’s job easier.

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Hospitality Trends in 2021 You Should Know About

hospitality trends in 2021

The COVID pandemic that started in early 2020 has at least temporarily changed more than a few ways people function. The hospitality trend quickly adapted to new customer wants and has offered customers some new amenities that adapt with the workplace, social distancing, and changing desires for going out. We will review many of these changes with you so you know the current hospitality trends in 2021 are being put forth by hospitality management and hospitality companies.

1. Hygiene Protocols

People thought about the state and cleanliness of less their rooms, lobbies, and public areas before COVID, but the virus has put additional stress on the need for cleanliness and communication.

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What is an Entrepreneur?


Nearly every service and product you enjoy on a daily basis comes from the mind and abilities of an entrepreneur. Whether at your favorite local restaurant, auto mechanic, or nail salon, every business started somewhere. This article discusses the idea of an entrepreneur and how one decides to start their own business.

Where does it start?

Many people want to start their own business because they aren’t satisfied working for a regular employer. Some may not appreciate the limited rewards that come with working for someone else.

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7 Signs Your Restaurant Needs a Website Redesign

restaurant website redesign

In this new age of ever-changing technology, it is important to keep up with the times and make sure your restaurant’s website is in good shape.

If your restaurant’s website hasn’t been updated recently and is looking like a relic of the 2010 web page you started with, it may be time for a restaurant website redesign. 

In this post, you will find 7 signs that it is time to fix up your website so that customers don’t shy away from your restaurant all because it was just too difficult to look through your menu on a web page that hardly loads.

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How to Leverage Social Media to Generate More Orders at Your Restaurant

social media advertising

Social media advertising is something that has become absolutely necessary in this new age of technology. Making sure you are noticed on social media networks is one of those things that is the difference between a successful and unsuccessful restaurant. 

You can use social media advertising in so many ways to generate orders and buzz around your business and, even if you are just starting out, people use sites like Facebook and Twitter as an avenue to discover new places all the time.

In this article, we will go through six ways that you can leverage social media to get that buzz around your restaurant and get people to come out and make your name known all throughout the community.

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5 Ways to Socially Distance At Your Restaurant Without Losing Business

restaurant management

Being a restaurant owner has never been so difficult. Due to the pandemic, restaurant management is finding themselves looking for new ways to run their shop without losing business. After months of being shut down the new normal has set in and in order for restaurants to survive they need to be prepared.

Besides wearing a mask while in public, staying six feet apart is the law. So how do you run a restaurant while applying the social distancing guidelines and stay in business?

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The 5 Biggest Mistakes Restaurants Make When Building A Franchising Model

franchising model

Now that your business is running smoothly, and has become very successful; you are ready to make the leap into restaurant franchising. Opening multiple locations give your company the opportunity to expand into new territory generating more profit. This can be a great step for your business if done correctly.

Remember “good things come to those who wait.” You do not want to rush into this decision without a thorough plan, and an established execution. If the franchise management doesn’t communicate well with the employees or provide a well-understood guideline, the model could fall apart.

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Restaurant Ad Campaigns that Worked During a Recession

restaurant ad campaigns

If you own a restaurant, you have more than likely taken a massive financial hit during this pandemic. With people not allowed to be out and about, they probably won’t be spending any unnecessary cash, maybe because you lost your job. Or maybe because you are trying to prepare for an even worse lock-down that looks like it is in its way.

Working anywhere right now can lead to a serious health problem for some. If you have a weak immune system or are older in age, you are wildly susceptible to this disease.

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Six Important Tips to Keep in Mind When Rebranding Your Restaurant

rebrand your restaurant

You finally did it, you bought the restaurant of your dreams and it is performing very well. You’ve invested so much time, money, effort, blood, sweat, and tears into this restaurant. It will come as no surprise that you won’t want to consider rebranding your restaurant, this project is essentially your baby and you will do anything to protect it.

But what if rebranding is the only way to save your restaurant? The market is constantly changing along with the wants and needs of consumers. With new restaurants popping up every day, you need to be able to compete with them.

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