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Bar & Restaurant Consulting

Bar Restaurant Consulting 1
Professionals who are hired by owners of restaurants and other food establishments to help them work out issues in various aspects of their business. They may also have to observe the team members as they treat guests and look at how food is prepared in the kitchen. MBB will then use our professional observations to positively make changes to the menu, interior design, brand and concept, spending patterns, and treatment of customers. Our team at MBB will also train management and staff to ensure they have the necessary tools to continuously carry out the improvement plan.

Beverage Management

Our MBB Liquor Inventory solutions will identify and reduce shrink, waste and theft and allow you to realize more profit. Ask for a copy of our MBB Liquor Inventory PDF.

Services include:

  • Bar Bible: MBB will provide an encompassing manual for the bar, which will include a job specific handbook with policies, TIPS/RAMP information, drink recipes, required glassware and standards pars. 
  • Physical Inventory: Keeping track of inventory is a necessity when having a successful service business. A business’s product is one of the most important factors in achieving success and yet most still waste products which essentially leads to decrease in profits. Most businesses don’t even realize the percentage of inventory that is being wasted on a daily basis, however MBB will create systems and procedures that will allow owners and managers to ensure themselves proper inventory keeping, thus reduce overall product cost.

Menu Design

MBB will design more profitable menus by analyzing customer demand, demographic, item percentage sales contributions, and costs and profit margins. We will also launch more effective campaigns by understanding the true plate costs of a new recipe, LTO or promotion.

Inventory Services

MBB takes a very practical approach towards inventory accuracy. Typically, there are relatively simple and inexpensive things that can be done to reduce or eliminate errors. We work through your processes with you and identify those improvements. Whether it is minor or major changes we use our expertise to accurately find the issue and achieve inventory revenue maximization.

  • Cycle count- an inventory auditing procedure, which falls under inventory management, whereas a small subset of inventory in a specific location is counted on a specific day
  • Manual count periodically

Bar Restaurant Consulting 2

Management Recruitment

MBB has successfully placed hundreds of restaurant professionals in the country. Our network is vast, and we know just where to look to quickly source candidates for you. We are experts at placing every salaried position within a restaurant:

  • Restaurant Management – GM, AGM, restaurant manager, assistant restaurant manager
  • Restaurant chefs – executive Chef, Executive sous chef, chef de cuisine, pastry chef, banquet chef, event chef

Food Cost Solutions

For a restaurant owner, food cost percentage represents one of the fastest ways to make sure an establishment is pricing its goods properly, as well as making enough money with respect to one of its biggest expenses. MBB uses its knowledge and experience to save restaurant owners money by comparing actual food to what costs should have been for each item.

See exactly how to save money, by comparing actual food costs to what costs should have been for any item.. the difference is money wasted. An incredibly powerful tool for restaurant managers and executives alike.

Sales and Cash Reconciliation

MBB collects critical data, such as, over/short, guest counts, comps and discounts, credit card transactions, bank deposits, catering activity, day-part analysis and voids to ensure all cash inlays and outlays match up and accounts are properly accounted for. This process will also help the business uncover high cost ingredients, isolate critical areas and track user specific activities to reduce any dishonest behavior. MBB implement preventative measures to ensure that loss prevention in minimal.

Food Distribution

Using MBB’s broad range of food distributor relationships we can provide deviated pricing and rebates depending on the volume of the business. MBB also has the ability to provide the above services on a national level.


A concession services is an establishment operating within an existing building or structure constructed or remodeled to operate as a concession stand, in an approved location, in conjunction with an athletic or entertainment event. MBB has relationships with some of the largest concessionary company’s in the country. Therefore, MBB has the ability to place certain brands in any concession arena in the country.