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Looking for an experienced restaurant consulting firm to take your restaurant to the next level or turn your restaurant around?

At MBB Management, we know how much time and cooking grease goes into making a restaurant successful. Let us help you grow your business even faster. We offer hands-on restaurant consulting to strengthen your core foundations and identify the potential areas for growth.

From re-teaching basic restaurant techniques to streamlining processes, we can do it all, giving you more time to focus on what is most important to your customers: great food and great service. Our restaurant consultants will take your restaurant to the next level while still staying true to your core values and your brand promise.

Our restaurant consulting services include:

Menu Design

Often times it is the little touches that can make a big difference in the restaurant business. The design of your menu is your chance to not only showcase your dishes, but to let your customers know who you are. Are you a family-owned restaurant that has been around for decades? Are you a hip 50’s era burger joint? It is important for your menu to not only have all the key pieces of information like prices and specials, but to also be fun to look at and read. You will want to share a glimpse of the restaurant’s personality. A menu should be so much more than a sheet of paper with foods and prices on it. Our experienced staff knows what menu designs catches people’s eyes and we can help create the perfect one for your restaurant.

Food Costing Solutions

Your restaurant’s food costs can really cause a cash crunch for restaurants. When the price of your key ingredients start to spike and most of your profit is being spent on shipments of food, you might feel like the only solutions are to raise prices or buy cheaper, but low-grade ingredients. This could backfire though, costing you valued customers. You don’t want exorbitant prices or poor quality dishes to lead to empty tables. All business owners must find that balance between quality service and cost. Let our consultants help you find creative strategies that will improve your food costs and bottom line without damaging your repetition.

Food Service Training

Proper staff training is crucial in the restaurant industry with all the state and federal regulations that need to be followed. With the rise in food borne illness and food allergies, restaurant owners need to make sure all staff are following safety protocol and that they are certified in food safety. We will make sure that they are trained on everything from basic food safety to cleaning and sanitation as well as cross-contamination and allergens. Well-trained employees are the backbone of any company.

Food Distribution

Having high quality ingredients to make up your dishes is crucial for any restaurant’s success. You need to make sure that the food distributers you work with offer the freshest products and follow all appropriate safety protocols because the quality of your dishes depend on the products you use. Our team can guide you through all the logistics of working with food distributors.

Concession Services

Who doesn’t love being able to get their favorite food while watching a ball game or attending a concert? If you bring your food straight to your customers, they will love you for it. At MBB Management, we offer on-site evaluations, profitability analysis, facility design and other consulting services to maximize the success of your concession stands. Our expert staff can also help you decide which of your products will sell the most at a concession stand and which ones are more cost effective to only offer at your restaurants.

Chef Recruitment

The Chef is the soul of your restaurant. His or her signature style of cooking is what draws your customers to come back again and again. You want someone who brings something special to your dishes, but who will also stay true to your vision of what your restaurant should offer. If you own a burger joint, you certainly don’t need a culinary master straight from Paris who usually works in 5 star restaurants, but you do want someone who knows how to make a darn good burger. Our recruiting experts can find the perfect chef for you.

Integrated Food Products

We can offer innovative methods for streamlining food manufacturing and product assembly without skimping on food quality and safety. Our proven strategies can minimize the risk of product recalls due to poor adherence to safety protocols.

Our staff have the regulatory expertise to ensure that you are complying with all state and federal requirements and that your products are all properly labelled. Cross-contamination and mislabeling of products could not only cost you fines, but customer confidence as well.

General Manager Recruitment

Are you searching for a new general manager and hitting a lot of road blocks? The General Manager is an integral role in your restaurant so you want to pick the right person who will continue to carry out your vision, but who has time for sifting through resumes and doing interviews? Our experienced staff can help you with the recruitment process. We will do most of the legwork so you won’t have to.

Inventory Services

Constantly have missing stock or ingredients that go bad because you don’t use them quick enough? We can improve your inventory accuracy and show you how to accurately calculate your safety stock with systems and processes that have been proven to work. We can also teach your staff how to catch errors before they affect service to your customers.

Franchise Development

Developing a franchise program is a great way to expand your brand even more and earn some extra income. If you like the idea, but are not sure where to start, we can give you the tools you will need to build a successful program. From writing contracts to holding classes for your new franchisees, there is so many important aspects to franchising that you will need to know. Let us put our experience to work for you.

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