MBB Management is dedicated to providing you with the very best range of hotel management services. We know how important it is to you to find guests to stay at your hotel, to brand yourself, to provide food and other amenities and even to find someone to manage your revenue and décor. All of these factors are what make a hotel successful, and they can only be successful if they are handled by a company that knows what it takes to complete these tasks correctly. We have worked with a huge variety of brands, ranging from Marriott, to Hilton, to Super 8 to Wyndham and beyond. We have the experience and the expertise to make your hotel one of the best in the area. What can we do for you?

Hotel Inventory Revenue Maximization

Success in the world of hospitality is no secret. Those who manage their inventory properly will make money. Those who are wasteful will not. We can help your hotel make the most of its inventory revenue. This means we know how to help you get more people through your doors and more paying guests in your rooms, whether you are brand affiliated or not. We also know exactly how to help your property exceed the expectations of your guests, so they keep coming back for more and leave you great reviews online.

Hotel Project Management

Over the course of your hotel’s life, it is going to encounter a wide variety of important projects. These might be relatively small like replacing your pool or they might be relatively large, like replacing the carpet on every floor and in every room in your entire hotel. Your management staff might not have the skills or the time they need to effectively manage this project, but we do. As your dedicated hotel management company, we will make sure that we take care of your projects, both big and small, time sensitive or protracted.

Hotel Rebranding or Reflagging

If you are rebranding your entire hotel, whether you are actually shifting one brand to another or you are simply trying to rebrand your hotel’s own brand, this can be a long and arduous process, if you do not have the right help and the right guidance. We are here to provide both! Many see this is a difficult transition, but with our help, it can be smooth and swift—so much so that you will not even see a significant drop in profits during the transition. You know the change will benefit your hotel, so we help you make it as easy as possible.

Hotel Banquet Service Management

Having big, important events at your hotel is a great way to serve your guests and to raise your profile. It is, however, not something that every hotel is prepared to do without help. If you want to be able to provide banquet service to your guests, we, as your hotel management company can help. Instead of having to figure out all of the logistics of one of these complicated events on your own, we will provide you the support and resources you need to make sure the banquet goes off without a hitch.

Temporary Emergency Replacement Management for Hotels

If you have an unexpected vacancy in your management, we can provide temporary help in order to get you through this difficult time. Your hotel should not be without management, so if you are lacking it because an individual or company has abandoned you, we will be there to make sure that the management of your hotel is still taken care of. This service will ensure that your guests see no shift in the high quality of your service, even if they do notice a change of the guard.

Hotel Revenue Management

Managing the revenue that your hotel makes might be difficult, but not when you employ MBB Management’s services. We know how important proper management is to keeping your hotel functioning properly and making profits. This is why we provide a comprehensive revenue management service, so you know which services are making you money, where your money is coming from and ultimately, where it is going. If you want to make more money or even just have a better grasp on what is done with your money, we are here to help.

Hotel Feasibility Studies

Not sure if a hotel is going to be feasible in a certain location? Not sure if a service is going to be feasible for your established hotel to offer? We are here to perform studies to see if the property or service you are thinking about starting is actually going to be successful. We will look at the market and determine whether or not there is demand. If there is demand, it will be feasible. Without demand, however, it might be better to look elsewhere.

Hotel Décor Management

The right décor can make or break a hotel. If your hotel looks drab and boring, people are less likely to enjoy their stay. If, however, your décor is welcoming and bright, they are more likely to enjoy their stay, come back again, and tell their colleagues and friends about you. A beautiful hotel is always going to be much more alluring to your visitors. No matter what décor you are looking for, our décor management services will help you achieve it!

Our areas of expertise are backed by more than a hundred years of combined experience. We know exactly what it takes to make your hotel a successful one!

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