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What Is All the Buzz Over Soft Branding?

Have you been hearing the term soft branding thrown around in the news, but not sure what it is and what all the fuss is all about? Don’t worry you have come to the right place.

With concerns over fewer people having enough disposable income to go on frequent holidays, many independent and boutique hotels are considering joining forces with large hotel brands. With soft branding, they get to still retain creative control, but to also have the benefits of having the support of a larger chain.

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How to Create a Successful Spa for Your Hotel

Hotels are so much more than just a clean and comfortable room to sleep in when you are away from home. It is all about the amenities like five star dining, a spacious pool and other amenities. Some hotels have added a spa to offer their guests a little more luxury during the stay, but hotel spas are not always as lucrative as you would expect.

It really depends on the type of clientele you typically get at your hotel. Often only a small percentage of guests can afford the extra money for a spa package so getting a constant daily traffic in and out of the spa can be challenging.

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Things All Luxury Hotels Should Provide

Things All Luxury Hotels Should Provide

Electrical Adapters

Any traveler worth their salt carries a plethora of adapters. When traveling overseas never leave home without a universal, UK, and Europe adapters. But sometimes even the most experienced traveler forgets, loses, or breaks their adapters.  Always remember that destinations like Prague, Italy, Barcelona, and Paris all use the same plugs. But London uses different outlets which are three-pronged.  

Flight Board and Weighing Station

Now, I’m not sure why all luxury hotels don’t have a flight board and a weighing station available to their guests.

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5 Easy Hotel Hacks You Must Know

Whether it’s the “early check-in trick” or learning the names of the people who work at the hotel, here are five tried and true ways to maximize your hotel stay.

  1. Stream Shows to the Hotel’s Big-Screen TV

One hack you must know that will enhance your hotel stay is bringing a streaming device with you (i.e Apple Tv, Chromecast). If your hotel has Wi-Fi and your TV has an HDMI input, then you can use a streaming device to stream video online directly to the hotel TV from your computer, tablet, or phone.

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How To Make Your Home Feel Like A Cozy Ski Lodge

A lot of people escape their regularly used homes to the mountains during the winter season.  And the best part of it all? Snuggling up with a blanket in the lodge with some hot cocoa. But that doesn’t have to end when you arrive back home — even the most expensive, luxurious ski lodges have some elements of decor in common. It is those same elements you can carry over with you for the coziest transformation your home has ever seen!

TV’s are overrated; the fireplace being the main focal point is where it’s at.

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Almost everyone hates traveling, but the 5-star bed set-ups make it almost bearable! After staying in a hotel you can’t wait to get home, but too often your own bed disappoints compared to the swanky one you just slept in. Why not follow a few steps to make your bed look and feel like your favorite 5-star hotel bed?
Step one: ALL WHITE.

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10 Strategies to Boost Hotel Bookings For Your hotel

Boost Hotel Bookings

When you are in the hotel management business, increasing hotel bookings for your hotel is your number one priority. You want your hotel to be a popular destination for all weary travelers, known for its excellent customer service and top notch amenities. While your first thought might be to lower room rates,  that might only work temporarily, but not as a long term solution. It is not likely you will be able to book enough rooms to offset the lost revenue. There are other strategies that are better at creating demand and improving for brand awareness.

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Digital Ordering Engine VS Cloud POS


Digital ordering is largely growing.

It allows the customers to be able to pay in advance from their own devices. It has been predicted that digital ordering is going to be the main ‘go to’ within five years. During this technological transformation, it is important that the restaurant technologists completely understand the differences between both systems.

Access to the internet has become more reliable, quicker, and widespread. While this is happening, the majority of POS providers have changed their transaction processing to the cloud. Moving POS to the cloud is different from enabling digital ordering for customers.

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Do Hotel Bathrooms Really Need to Evolve?

We as hotel industry leaders need to determine how bathrooms might evolve over the next several years. Designers need to get in touch with their tech side and start conceptualizing High Tech bathrooms.  Some futuristic differentiators that could be become the new status symbols for the guest bath include:  toilet height and temperature settings that automatically adjust to preset preferences, data collection points that help monitor health and physical conditioning and smart mirrors that stream personalized content for guests.

Hotel Designers will create a transition from the bathroom as a place for “me time” to a space for inner growth.

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10 Things to Look for in a Hotel Management Company

Hotel Management Company

The right hotel management company can make or break your hotel. A great one can make it one of the best places to stay in the area, while a poor one ensures negative reviews and might actively drive guests away. Whether you already have a hotel or you just considering acquiring or building one, a hotel management company can ensure your success. But how do you make sure that you’re getting a company you can rely on? Here’s what you need to look for.

1. What kinds of hotels does the company manage?

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