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Business Risks in the Hospitality Industry

When you are in the process of creating a food startup, it is important to take insurance into consideration, as it can allow you to manage the numerous risks involved in launching your food business and servicing your customers. Preparing in advance for potentially difficult scenarios is a reliable process to ensure future success. Without insurance, you face many financial risks, when you should be focused on great food ideas.

Here are the top 3 areas of risk that insurance could protect you from when creating your food startup:

Customer Incidents.

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Things All Luxury Hotels Should Provide

Things All Luxury Hotels Should Provide

Electrical Adapters

Any traveler worth their salt carries a plethora of adapters. When traveling overseas never leave home without a universal, UK, and Europe adapters. But sometimes even the most experienced traveler forgets, loses, or breaks their adapters.  Always remember that destinations like Prague, Italy, Barcelona, and Paris all use the same plugs. But London uses different outlets which are three-pronged.  

Flight Board and Weighing Station

Now, I’m not sure why all luxury hotels don’t have a flight board and a weighing station available to their guests.

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How To Make Your Home Feel Like A Cozy Ski Lodge

A lot of people escape their regularly used homes to the mountains during the winter season.  And the best part of it all? Snuggling up with a blanket in the lodge with some hot cocoa. But that doesn’t have to end when you arrive back home — even the most expensive, luxurious ski lodges have some elements of decor in common. It is those same elements you can carry over with you for the coziest transformation your home has ever seen!

TV’s are overrated; the fireplace being the main focal point is where it’s at.

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Almost everyone hates traveling, but the 5-star bed set-ups make it almost bearable! After staying in a hotel you can’t wait to get home, but too often your own bed disappoints compared to the swanky one you just slept in. Why not follow a few steps to make your bed look and feel like your favorite 5-star hotel bed?
Step one: ALL WHITE.

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The Successful Bar Owner’s Manual

Success or failure is always almost related to an operator’s capability or inability to focus on labor cost, beverage cost and food cost. Corporate operators have organized ways and steps to follow to keep an eye on these costs. These systems are highly constructive in providing up-to-date information. Even with the high- tech systems and the data they create, the management team must always continue to manage.
Many self sufficient operators still have issues with controlling their labor, food and beverage cost. Many do not have these systems. The struggle is a bit harder than that of the multi-unit operator.

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Do Hotel Bathrooms Really Need to Evolve?

We as hotel industry leaders need to determine how bathrooms might evolve over the next several years. Designers need to get in touch with their tech side and start conceptualizing High Tech bathrooms.  Some futuristic differentiators that could be become the new status symbols for the guest bath include:  toilet height and temperature settings that automatically adjust to preset preferences, data collection points that help monitor health and physical conditioning and smart mirrors that stream personalized content for guests.

Hotel Designers will create a transition from the bathroom as a place for “me time” to a space for inner growth.

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