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“Zac’s Burger Bus” – The Ultimate Mobile Business

Philadelphia, June 12, 2017. – In a bold move to be the pioneer of a new concept for the food truck industry, Zac’s Hamburgers has created the “Zac’s Burger Bus”, which offers mobile food truck licensing opportunities that offer a heaping of benefits. The new food truck trend has created a frenzy. This trend has been growing in strength over the past five years and is one of the best performing segments in the broader food-service sector.  Furthermore, the Zac’s Burger Bus provides affordability for many individuals to take advantage of this growing trend and become a food truck licensee.

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9 Tips on How to Run My Restaurant Better

Run My Restaurant

Being a restaurant owner is hard work. The long hours and the many hats you have to wear can really take a toll on you and your business. When you are stressed out and exhausted, you might let things start to slip affecting the quality of your food and service. It can feel like a thankless job at times, but if you have the passion and drive to make your dreams come true then you will find a way to balance it all.

Here are some tips on how to run your restaurant better.

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How to Franchise a Bakery


Fresh percolating coffee, the scent of warm bread baking in the oven. Who doesn’t love stopping in a bakery for some warm treats? As a bakery owner, you know what a smart business it is to focus on baked goodies like bread, cakes, croissants, pastries and pies, but did you know that you can grow your bakery even more by becoming a franchisor?

The baking industry is popping with an estimated annual revenue of $3 billion and other bakery companies have found success as franchisors like Great Harvest Bread, Gigi’s Cupcakes or Corner Bakery.

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4 Ways Philadelphia Restaurants Can Deal With The Soda Tax

Recently a number of cities and counties have become victim to taxes on sugary beverages, especially soda. As a Restaurant owner you must know how these taxes are affixed and how to protect your bottom line from them.

Philadelphia recently levied a 1.5-cent-per-ounce tax on sweetened beverages that took effect in January. This makes Philadelphia the first large city to have an actual soda tax enforced. So, how can restaurants in Philadelphia mitigate the effects of these taxes?

  1. Clean it UP! – Spilled soda is still taxed.

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The Successful Bar Owner’s Manual

Success or failure is always almost related to an operator’s capability or inability to focus on labor cost, beverage cost and food cost. Corporate operators have organized ways and steps to follow to keep an eye on these costs. These systems are highly constructive in providing up-to-date information. Even with the high- tech systems and the data they create, the management team must always continue to manage.
Many self sufficient operators still have issues with controlling their labor, food and beverage cost. Many do not have these systems. The struggle is a bit harder than that of the multi-unit operator.

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Restaurant Franchising: A How-to Guide

Restaurant Franchising

So you own or manage a restaurant. It has been going strong, and you are starting to wonder what to do next. Cash flow is good, reviews are positive, and overall, things are looking great. You are more than likely going to start thinking about opening a second location, or possibly even a third. 

What you’re thinking about is restaurant franchising.  If so, we have a great little primer on getting the franchise process started.

Opening just another restaurant would be the path towards becoming a chain, which could be what you want.

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Reasons Your Restaurant May Need a Restaurant Consulting Firm

Restaurant Consulting Firm

Getting into the restaurant business is hard. Staying in it is even harder.

All too often, new restaurants fail within in their first few years. There are many reasons for a restaurant to fail: bad location, issues with cash flow, poor restaurant management, or even just food that is not that tasty. There are those who advise against opening new restaurants altogether, citing that it is just too risky of an endeavor. And looking at statistics, it is easy to see why this argument could be convincing.

However, there is a solution that can help prevent or repair these problems: a restaurant consulting firm.

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Party time! Excellent!!

To quote Wayne’s World that is. You heard that in your mind exactly the way Mike Meyers said that in the old Wayne’s World comedy sketch did’t you?? Well I have a great reason to celebrate.


Birthdays are a great marketing tool to use for your business.

Throw a party to thank your existing clients and to wow potential clients. What about making a special offer on my personal favorite instagram?? Of course you could use Facebook or twitter. I also like a contest.

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Staff Training Will Make or Break Your Restaurant!


When we open a new Store for any of our clients, nothing goes as planned. Even if it is a client that we have opened many stores for, there is always something different or downright bizarre. The opening of the Tony Luke’s in Mayfair was no different. We typically train all of the employees in 1 or 2 sessions each day. If we only run 1 session the trainings usually run smoother, because we’ll train for 7-8 hours each day. That way there is more repetition for employees to “get it.” Typical store openings have 18-22 employees for us to train, but not Mayfair.

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Zac’s Hamburgers Opens in Lincoln Financial Field

Zac’s Hamburgers, a MBB Management client, opened its FIRST franchise in Lincoln Financial Field in time for the 2015 Eagles Season. Zac’s Hamburgers has created the “Zac Pack” to satisfy fans in the stands. The Zac Pack includes four fully-loaded burgers tucked in a box for easy transportation. MBB Management joined Zac’s Hamburgers in the kitchen for the first day of preseason, and will help Zac’s Hamburgers as needed for the rest of the season. The line for Zac’s Hamburgers stretched into the concourse and customers left smiling as they returned to their seats with hot off the grill, hand formed hamburgers!

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