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Hometown Hero – Mayor Gary Stevenson

These days Heroes are a dime a dozen. They adorn the covers of comic books, run through the video game battlefields and soar across the movie screen. But are these really the Heroes we want to rescue us in times of real danger? No! We want a Hometown Hero, someone we know and trust, someone like Paulsboro Mayor, Gary Stevenson!

According to, Mayor Gary Stevenson, who has been a member of the Paulsboro Fire Department for more than 30 years noticed dark smoke coming from a house  as he was on his way to a…

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Santa Claus Surveys Philadelphia’s Largest Chimney on Board the SS United States


As Christmas Nears, Santa Claus to Survey Philadelphia’s Largest Chimney on Board the SS United States; Philadelphia Welcome Delegation includes Mummers Fancy Brigade and Tony Luke’s Cheesesteaks sponsored by MBB Management.

NORTH POLE – Santa Claus will be in the Philadelphia area tonight in advance of his annual trip around the world to deliver presents to good girls and boys.  He will be conducting a survey of chimneys throughout the city to ensure swift delivery of presents on Christmas Eve.  While in Philadelphia, he will be able to be spotted visiting the area’s largest chimney – the six-story-tall…

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Location, Location Location! Where’s Your Business at?

MBB Management could have an office anywhere but we chose Paulsboro, NJ. Wondering why?

This week our Executive Vice President of Brand Management and Hotel Operations, Mark Ludes, was asked to speak on behalf of Paulsboro, NJ’s Mayor, Gary Stevenson, as to why MBB has their main office in Paulsboro. Jumping at the chance to speak about our fine borough we put together a list of reasons and headed to the Gloucester County Chamber Meeting. Here is what we came up with:

  1. Location – Any of our fine staff as well as exceptional clients can easily access our office and we can…

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Find “Tony” and Win Cheesesteaks for a Year!

Attention cheesesteak lovers of Cincinnati: Your lucky day may be just around the corner.

TonyLukes-logo-05022016Tony Luke’s Cheesesteaks — an Internationally recognized brand that brings guests “The Real Taste of South Philly” — is expanding into the Cincinnati market targeting restaurant industry experts and entrepreneurs looking to own and operate a time-tested restaurant concept.

A Tony Luke’s location in Cincinnati will add to the more than 20 current locations operating across the greater Philadelphia region and in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland.

where's-tonyTony Luke Jr., CEO of Tony Luke’s…

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Rastelli Kids Complex’s Camp SAM’s Annual Jell-O Wars!

Jello Wars

Rastelli Kids Complex and Camp SAM (Sports And More) will host a giant Jell-O-themed food fight in the spirit of color wars on Thursday, August 4th at 1pm sharp!

200 campers of all ages and counselors will hurl 500 gallons of gooey Jell-O in all different colors at one another to conclude a weeklong of Color War festivities in the biggest food fight of the summer! Campers from all groups will be assigned various colors to represent. To conclude all the fun, the Deptford Township…

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