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Do I Need a College Degree to Own My Own Business?

While today it is expected that most kids will head off to college after high school graduation, it is not the best path for everyone. With the cost of higher education constantly rising and the increased difficulty in landing high paying careers, people are beginning to question whether a college education is really necessary.

If you have dreams of owning your own business, you may be particularly worried about a college degree being necessary to be a successful business owner. Luckily, the answer to, ‘do I need a college degree to own my own business?’, is not an emphatic yes.

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Franchise Spotlight: How Papa John’s Grew One Store to Over 4,000

One of the biggest franchise success stories has been Papa John’s Pizzeria. Today, it is a well-known brand worldwide with over 4,000 locations and a market capitalization over $2 billion, but it started like all franchises do with just one store and a dream.

For John Schnatter, the founder and CEO of Papa John’s, it all started with a passion for pizza. In high school, he earned spending money by working at Rocky’s, a pizza and sub shop near where he grew up in Jeffersonville, Indiana.

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How Do I Expand My Business?

As we get closer to the end of 2017 and start thinking of our goals for the new year, you are probably thinking about how to grow and expand your business in 2018. It is always good to have a plan from day one so you don’t lose the momentum that the start of a new year generally brings.

With all the changes in the political and the economic landscape right now, you might be feeling cautiously optimistic or really worried, but either way you need to focus on concrete steps you can take to expand your business.

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What to Keep in Mind When Opening a Second Business Location

You made your dream a reality. You are the owner of a thriving, successful business and life is good. If you are living in the moment than you are just enjoying seeing all your hard work pay off, but if you are constantly looking to the future, you may be asking yourself, what should my next step be to grow my business?

Growing your business is absolutely necessary to maintain the success you have fought hard for, but the question remains, should you just grow your customer base at the current location or open a second one?

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5 Ways Gratitude Can Help Your Business

In this dog eat dog world, it seems like most people are “adopting the every man for himself” philosophy, but as a business owner that kind of attitude will actually hurt your business more than you realize. Studies have actually shown that companies who instill a culture of gratitude at their business are more successful than their counterparts.  “Thank You” are surprisingly two very powerful words.

On a personal level, feeling appreciated by your boss and feeling grateful for your job actually releases dopamine in your hypothalamus and helps us feel happier, less stressed and more productive.

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What Not to Do When Building Your Brand

As a new entrepreneur, one of the most important things you need to do is to build a strong brand. You want to have a good reputation with your customers and the world at large, but sometimes one bad mistake can tarnish your brand in ways that can be hard to bounce back from.

Here are some common mistakes to avoid when you are building your brand:

Being Too Customer-Focused

This might seem counter-intuitive but it really isn’t if you think about it.

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MBB Management Hosts a PPD Customer Service Training Session

MMB Management recently hosted a customer service training session for the Philadelphia Police Department on November 6, 2017.

The Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) has partnered with MBB Management and together they are working on improving the quality of the department’s customer service. The focus of the training according to MBB Management was “to enhance the customer service skills at each department’s district ‘window’ in order to be nationally recognized as the leader in pioneering a customer service revolution in law enforcement.”

As the nation’s fourth largest police department with over 6300 sworn members and 800 civilian members in 21 different districts across the over 140 square miles of Philadelphia County, law enforcement training can be very complex, especially considering the myriad of issues they have to handle from neighborhood complaints to crimes and suspected terrorism to civil unrest.

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Why Energy Conservation Should Matter to Your Restaurant?

The signs of global warming are undeniable and it is up to all of us to do our part to protect our natural resources by conserving as much energy as possible as well as recycling and making other environmental-friendly decisions. But as a restaurant owner this may seem like a daunting task, but it is important on many levels.

Here is why energy conservation should matter to your restaurant:

‘Cause It Is The Right Thing to Do

The biggest reason you should adopt environmentally friendly practices at your restaurant of course because it is the right thing to do for the planet and for your future generations.

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6 Top Reasons to Buy Three Franchise Units Instead of One

Most Important Franchisees Questions to Ask

You’ve decided to take the plunge and become a franchise owner. Now there are so many decisions to make..what type of franchise should I run, what are the options in my price range, and of course what type of location is best for my franchise unit? What you might not think to consider, however, is should you buy three franchise units instead of one?

While this may seem like a way bigger investment especially when you are just starting it out, it may surprise you to know that that it is a growing trend in the franchise world.

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Do I Really Need a Business Plan for My Franchise?

Developing a business plan takes some planning and forethought and entrepreneurs often wonder if one is really necessary. There are a lot of benefits to it though. Here are some reasons developing a business plan from your franchise is a good idea.Developing a business plan takes some planning and forethought and entrepreneurs often wonder if one is really necessary. There are a lot of benefits to it though. Here are some reasons developing a business plan from your franchise is a good idea.

The most important reason to develop a business plan is that it forces you to think about every detail of your franchise and anticipate any problems or issues that might come up.

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